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Chess Variants

"How can we make anything more from just these black and white squares?"

My answer to that question is: with imagination, much! There are lots of people that agree with me and there are several hundreds (thousands?) of different games based on chess, called chess variants (CV's). I present here, my 2 cents to this increasing Universe. I hope you'll enjoy it!

What's new?

Harold Riley's The Best Chess Tables website [23/04/2002]
Life, the Universe and Everything (else) Chess [15/03/2002]
The Hitchhyker's Guide to Chess, part II !!![21/11/01]
Revolving Chess games [30/03/01]
New Variant: Construction Chess [30/03/01]
Included link to Jean-Louis Cazaux's Chess Site. He is releasing his new book L'Univers des Echecs [25/11/00]
Abstract Games Magazine, Issue 4 already available! Check Onyx a new connection game [01/11/00]
Included link to Yahoo! Abstract Games Club, subscribe it!  [21/07/00]

My Chess Variants

Physics and Chess
Inertia Chess
Entropy Chess
Magnetic Chess       [NOST's Chess Variant of the decade (1990 - 1999). Check this review.]
Chaos Chess
Particle Collision Chess
Rotation Chess
Conditional Chess
Diplomacy Chess
Soccer Chess
Progressive Orthodox Chess
Swap Chess
Balanced Swap Chess
The Weak Square of the Jumping King
Sandwich Chess
The Crab City
Economy and Chess
Loaning in Marseille
Loaning in PieceLand
Zorkmiding the Board
The interest of some pieces
The interest of some moves
Do you want a job?
This horse business is mine!
Taking turns
Hard Times
Great Expectations
Making a portfolio
The CV Index
Unreal Tournament Chess
Domination Chess
Catch the Flag Chess
Assault Chess
Traitor Chess
Heisenberg Chess
Portuguese Progressive Chess
Hyperspace Chess
Impossible Chess
The Knightliest Black Hole
The Central Squares
Heaven and Hell
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Chess  (find 20 new variants and the secrets of Chess, Life and Everything!)
Promotions & Demotions  
Connect Chess  
Light & Shadow  
Construction Chess  
Revolving games  

My ZoG Files

The Weak Square of the Jumping King
Different Armies (CVs by Ralph Betza)
Swap Chess
Crab City
Magnetic Chess (together with Fergus Duniho)
Promotions & Demotions
The Knightliest Black Hole
The Central Squares
Image Files for Zillions (16 pieces, 45 Kb)


Chess Challenges           (if you have any suggestion, please tell me)

Reversing the Arrow of Time
Chess Skills
The 36 gifts
Proposals for Zillions 2
Mutators - The mechanics for changing games



The Chess Variant Pages [what's new.gif (3086 bytes)?]

zog.gif (1241 bytes) The 1st infinitely expandable PC gaming system. Need to say more?

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MindSports - An arena for abstract and board game players.

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The 4th Mind Sports Olympiad in London, August 2000.

Yahoo! Clubs chessvariantsYahoo! Clubs abstract games.

Variations on Go - my variants around the game of GO

Abstract Games Magazine - the name says it all!

AISE: The Italian Association of Chess Variants. Contact Alessandro Castelli.

NOST: The Knights of the Square Table

BCVS: The British Chess Variant Society

World Chess Network

A new place to play free chess, attend Lectures watch Banter Chess, chat, view live chess games, and much more!

The Best Chess Tables website - Looking for a Chess Table?

ItaProb : Mailing list (Italian and English) for Chess Problems and ChessBoard puzzles. Contact Mario Velucchi.

Check Jean-Louis Cazaux's Chess Site. He wrote already two books on Chess, the  Guide des Echecs exotiques et insolites and L'Univers des Echecs.

Andy Kurnia's and  Richard Rognlies's PBeM Servers

Play online at FICS (USA), at PICS (Portugal), or in other places. To get a chess client, try downloading this one.

Chess Variant pages from Ralph Betza [currently not available]

The two main ingredients for good ideas are to read and to discuss! I would like to thank all the people that in the past or now, had or have the interest to talk about these subjects, especially Ralph Betza, Bill Taylor and Claude Chaunier.

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