Selected Projects

This page briefly presents some projects and info that more closely relate to the projects proposed for PEI, complementing the proposals.


ImTV - "On-Demand Immersive-TV for Communities of Media Producers and Consumers", FCT UTAustin|Portugal project, with participation of research teams from FCT/UNL, Inesc Porto, FCUL/LaSIGE/HCIM, UTAustin/USA, RTP, Zon, FCCN, Duvideo and MOG, 2010-2013.  

VIRUS - "Video Information Retrieval Using Subtitles", FCT project, with participation of research teams from LaSIGE-HCIM and XLDB Groups at FCUL, 2010-2012.

EuroiTV'2011 AWARDS at the "9th International Conference on Interactive TV and Video : Ubiquitous TV", 29 Jun - 1 Jul 2011, Lisboa, Portugal.

NAADIR - "A New Approach on Architectural Drawings Integrating Computer Descriptions", FCT project, with participation of research teams from FA/UTL, LabMAG and LaSIGE-HCIM at FCUL, 2010-2012. blog, more info

NAADIR at "Formas & Fórmulas Exhibition": Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, FCUL, Lisboa, June 1st 2012 - April 28th 2013. (img from installation)


  Emotional Video Album & iFelt (papers)

An interactive web video application that allows to catalog, access, explore and visualize emotional information about movies, in terms of their contents and in accordance with users’ felt emotions, their profiles, choices and states.



  MovieClouds (papers)

An interactive web application that adopts a tag cloud unifying-paradigm for overview, analysis, and exploratory browsing of the movies collection and the individual movies in the different tracks or perspectives of its content, especially audio and subtitles where most of the semantics is expressed, and with a special focus on the emotional dimensions.

  GetAround 360º Hypervideo (papers)

Immersive and interactive interfaces for the visualization and navigation of 360º hypervideos over the internet.

Sight Surfers is extending it to georeferenced videos and paths, for shared experiences on the Web and iTV.


3D visualization and navigation of video spaces.


Visualizing, exploring and interacting with videos based mainly on color and motion properties.

  e-iTV Crossmedia Personalized Learning Contexts from Interactive TV (papers)

Integrates traditional iTV with web, across different devices, to accommodate the different cognitive modes involved in learning and entertainment, while trying to have each media and device provide the cognitive support most suited for each situation and stage.

  MovieTable (papers)

Building and exploring effective tangible interfaces for accessing, visualizing and manipulating video spaces.


Creative evolutionary video editing

  Synesthetic Video (paper)

An interactive video that allows to experience video in cross-sensorial ways, to hear its colors and to influence its visual properties with sound and music, through user interaction or ambient influence. Our main motivations include accessibility, enriching users experiences, stimulating and supporting users creativity.

  The Story of Pi in hypervideo

Structures and integrates the Story of Pi video with other materials, augmenting their individual affordances to support learning.

Also related, a more recent project focuses on building tools to support learning in other subjects and contexts.


HVet (papers)

In the search of alternative ways to learning veterinary surgery with live animals, hypervideo was considered a good choice as a learning tool to support the creation of a rich and realistic learning environment, through the interactive access, construction and communication of knowledge on veterinary surgery.

    Serendipity & Insights (paper)


Selection of Projects' Related Work:

Serendipity: The design of Serendipity is not by chance, Serendipitous IR, workshop on encouraging serendipity.

Immersion: ImmersiveMedia, Google StreetView & Hollowdeck, Virtual Cave in Portugal, video Sony bloggie 360o video: 1, 2, 3.

Emotions: in music access, we feel fine, mappiness 

Videosphere, Bestiario, May 2008.

Cooliris, http://www.cooliris.com/

Idée’s Multicolr Search Lab, 2008. http://labs.ideeinc.com/multicolr/.

Levin, G. and Collaborators Catalogues and Lists, 2005-2008, An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks and Research:


Visual Complexity, http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/

YouTube's visualizations. To use this feature, go to a YouTube video, click on the full-screen button, and then click on the small button that shows a network.

Sinestesia: Synesthesia Art Forum, livros: 1, 2, 3.

Norman, D., 1993. Things That Make Us Smart. Addison Wesley Publishing Company.

Norman, D. A. 2004. Emotional Design: why we love (or hate) everyday things. New York: Basic Books.

More related work in the page of each project. Follow the links in the projects above


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