HCIM Summer Workshop 2013
Emerging Technologies in Human-Computer Interaction



The Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia Research Team at LaSIGE is promoting a summer workshop for students taking informatics and computer engineering courses at FCUL. This workshop covers the following topics: Human-Computer Interaction, Accessibility, Advanced Interaction Techniques, Mobile Computing and it features theoretical presentations and hands-on laboratorial sessions. In detail, and in respect to tecnologies, the workshop will cover:

  • Mobile Interaction (Android)
  • Hardware Prototyping (Arduino)
  • 3D Interaction (Kinect)

The workshop will be held at FCUL during the first two weeks of July (3rd to the 9th of July). Students that take part in the workshop will be challenged to find a prototype solution to a problem from a set of project proposals presented during the workshop sessions. They will be asked to present the outcomes of these small projects. Based on the results presented, the participants may be recommended for:

  • Research Internships
  • Corporate Internships
  • Master Thesis

The number of participants is limited to 20. For more information, please contact Tiago Guerreiro.

Important Dates

How to Apply

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