Honors and Awards

  • IBM Scientific Prize, 2004
  • William C. Carter Award at the IEEE International Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing, 1998
  • Best Student Paper at the International Symposium on Distributed Computing, 2009
  • Best Paper at the INForum Conference, 2015
  • One of Best Papers at the Third International Conference on Dependability, 2010
  • One of Best Papers at the First International Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructures Security, 2006
  • One of Four Best Papers at the IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing, 1999
  • One of Four Best Papers at the IEEE High-Assurance Systems Engineering Workshop, 1996
  • Finalist at the EU Descartes Prize, 2004


IBM Scientific Prize

The IBM Scientific Prize was created in 1990, and it distinguishes outstanding research in any one of the areas referenced in the ACM Computing Classification System (1998). With this prize, IBM wants to stimulate young Portuguese researchers to divulge their work and to promote the interaction among the academic, industrial and research communities.

Work that received the prize: Tolerância a Intrusões em Sistemas Informáticos

Official web site: http://www-5.ibm.com/pt/events/pc/premio.html


Finalist at the EU Descartes Prize for Research

The Descartes Prize is awarded, since 2000, to teams of researchers who have achieved outstanding scientific or technological results through collaborative research in any field of science, including the economic, social science and humanities. Applications must have been completed through a collaboration involved at least two mutually independent legal entities in two different Member States or in a Member State and an Associated State. However, provided these minimum requirements are met, research collaborations can involve teams outside the European Union.

Work that was finalist: Investigator at project Malicious-and Accidental-Fault Tolerance for Internet Applications (MAFTIA)


William C. Carter Award

The William C. Carter Award is presented annually since 1997 to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the field of dependable computing through his or her graduate dissertation research. The award honors the late William C. Carter, a key figure in the formation and development of the field of dependable computing. The award is sponsored by IEEE Technical Committee on Fault-Tolerant Computing (TC-FTC) and IFIP Working Group on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance (WG 10.4).

Work that received the prize: RENEW: A Tool for Fast and Efficient Implementation of Checkpoint Protocols

Official web site: http://www.dsn.org


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