Copyright (c) Dijkstra and van Dijk

The game is played on a initial empty 5x5 board.

MOVE - Each player inserts a stone onto the board from an edge. Black inserts from top and pushes from top to bottom, White inserts from left and pushes from left to right.
Black starts with a stone on the top-left corner.
Passing is not allowed 
If a stone, when pushed meets another stone, this too is pushed on the same direction, and so on...
EDGE - A stone pushed off the edge during a push is returned to the player (there are no captures). If it is an opponent stone, this row/column cannot be used on the next turn (friendly stones do not have such restriction). 
GOAL - Wins the player which makes a path between the edges (top-bottom for Black, right-left for White). Stones may be connected orthogonal or diagonal.

An example

Black should play at c5 in order to protect an eventual push by White on b2, making 3 stones in a row on a lower row, where he could extend even further on the next turns. With c5, Black may cut off White's race and prepares his own.

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