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This game is one of the beautiful board games of Gigamic Games company. I present here a variant played on a 8x8 board (check their website for the original rules). You can try to buy the game at Ancient Games or at ToysGamesPuzzles.

SHIFT - Each player must shift a column or a row by one cell, up or down for columns, left or right for rows. 
The cell that would be out of the board, goes to the opposite edge (so the board is not a square, but a torus). 
If this cell is empty, then the player drops a stone of his color.
GOAL - A player wins when he makes an orthogonal or diagonal 5 in-a-row.

An example

If Black shifts the 6th row to the left, the Black stone at f6 goes to e6, and the empty cell a6 goes to h6. Since h6 is empty, Black drops a stone there.