Copyright (c) [?] Sid Sackson

The game is played on an empty 8x8 board:

1st Phase - There are 34 white soldiers, 20 black soldiers, and 5 Kings of each color (or 10 of one color, it doesn't matter). Each player, in turns, place one of the available stones (of any color) into an empty cell. After all stones are placed, the first player removes one white soldier from the board, and keeps it.
2nd Phase - All moves are made by choosing any stone and use it to jump (orthogonal or diagonal) any adjacent stone, and landing into the opposite empty cell next to the jumped stone. This jumped stone is captured and the player keeps it. 
If after this, another jump is possible, the player must continue to move until there is no more available jumps. 
GOAL - Wins the player with more points. A white soldier scores 1 point, a black soldier, 2 points, and a King, 3 points.

This game can be played by 3 or 4 players. For this, Sid Sackson (in his great book A Gamut of Games) included another rule (that named the game itself) that when a player wants to exit the game, he says "Take it Away" . Then, only the others continue to play. When there is only one player left (called the patsy), and no more jumps are possible, the sum of the remaining stones are subtracted from the patsy score.

A similar game is Corner from Ravensburger.