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The game is played on an empty 5x5 board.

1st Phase - There are 6 soldiers of each color, and 6 Kings of each color. Each player, in turns, place one of the available stones (of any color) into an empty cell.
2nd Phase - Each player controls a virtual pointer. One player can shift columns, the other shift rows. Initially, these pointers are positioned at the same coordinates of the remaining empty cell (because there are 25 cells for just 24 stones) 
Each player, shifts his pointer to another row/column in order to point to an occupied cell, and thus capturing that stone.
The game ends when a player cannot capture any more stones. This means that his row/column is empty. 
GOAL - Wins the player with more points. 
One stone of a kind is worth 1 point; 2 stones value 3 points; 3 stones value 6 points; 4 stones value 10 points; 5 stones value 15 points and 6 stones, 42 points.

This set of rules is a variation of the original rules, in order to fit this section (the original rules featured 5 colors, with 7, 6, 5, 4 and 3 color each - 6 stones worth 21 points and 7 stones of the same color is worth 28 points. Capturing all stones of the same color doubles the score for that color).

A similar game is Take It Away.

An example

The first phase ended, and the last empty cell was d3. So, one player got a pointer to the d column, and the other to the 3rd row. This player shifts is pointer two rows up, and capture d5. After that, the other player may shift his pointer and choose to capture from a5 to e5 (except d5, already empty).