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Holly is played on a Dvonn board. Each player has 9 stones off-board.

  • TURN - On each turn, each player move one friendly stone.
    • Stones can move to adjacent empty cells or jump over adjacent enemy stones (capturing them) landing on the immediate next empty cell.
      • Jumps are mandatory and may be (optionally) multiple.
      • A jump sequence cannot end at the starting cell.
  • GOAL - The game ends when a player captures all enemy stones.
An example

The marked black stone moves to [1]. White must capture that stone and Black wins in the next turn by capturing the last white stone.

Games with 100% symmetrical move and capture ranges usually do not work well. However, in this case, the board has a lot of edge cells that create an asymmetry increasing its overall interest. I wish to thank Lada Urbanova for this game information. A related game is Trop.