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Trop is played on a Dvonn board. Each player has 9 stones off-board.

  • TURN PHASE - Each player alternately drops a friendly stone in an empty cell, until all the stones are on the board.
  • JUMP PHASE - On each turn, each player move one friendly stone.
    • Stones jump over one adjacent enemy stone (and capturing it) landing on the immediate next empty cell.
      • Jumps are not mandatory and may be (optionally) multiple.
  • GOAL - The game ends when the next player cannot move. Wins the player that captured more stones 
    • It is a tie if both players captured the same number of stones.

I would suggest making jumps mandatory (but not enforcing maximal captures) and allow them to be made over friendly stones (with no captures). A jump sequence with no captures should also not end its move at the starting cell (it would be equivalent to pass).

An example

The marked black stone can make a double jump capturing three white stones and ending the game.

I wish to thank Lada Urbanova for this game information.