Dept. Informática, c6.3.18
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal


Phone: +351-21-750 05 26
Fax: +351-21-750 00 84


present research interests:

Distributed artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, social architectures, decision and motivation in multi-agent systems, social simulation with self-motivated agents, methodologies for exploratory simulation.

Long term: development of a methodology for principled exploratory experimentation in environments with multiple heterogeneous autonomous agents.

Medium term: theory, practice, observation and analysis of societies of agents with multiple non-utilitarian rationalities.

Short term: deployment and execution of experiments where the situated rooting of agents produce non trivial behaviours from the decision standpoint; enlarging of the rationality horizon in artificial environments for the social sciences; economics, sociology, anthropology

organisation of scientific meetings:


some publications (surely not uptodate)

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