Copyright (c) 2001 Joćo Pedro Neto

This game is played on a 7x7 square board with the following setup:

STACK - A group of 2 or more stones piled together. 
MOVE - On each turn, each player picks one of his stacks and spreads it over the adjacent cells. He may:
Move 1+ stone(s) into an adjacent cell,
Move 1+ stone(s) at a greater distance (no diagonals), if he leaves at least one cell on each intermediate cell.
If the cells are occupied with friendly stones, they are stacked together. If they are stacked with enemy stones, check below.
CAPTURE - If N stones are dropped on a cell occupied by a shorter number of enemy stones, then those stones are captured.
If the enemy has more stones, the move/capture is invalid and cannot be made.
Captures are mandatory and so, have preference over moves.
GOAL - When there are no more stacks left, wins the player with more stones.

Notice that only stacks are able to move, so single stones do not capture or move at all.

An example

The black stack, unstacks one stone to cell [1]. White must capture it, by unstacking his stones to [2] and [1], capturing that black stone. Then Black moves another stone to [1], capturing the white stone, and winning 2-1 (no more stacks left).