Copyright (c) 1996 A. Ollikainen, J. Ollikainen, T. Saarinen

This game is played on a 6x6 square board with the following setup:

TURN -  On each turn, each player must move one of his pieces.
All pieces moves to an (orthogonally or diagonally) adjacent empty cell.
Pieces may also capture by replacement a certain type of piece, namely:
Stacks with size 3 captures stacks with size 2.
Stacks with size 2 captures stacks with size 1.
Stacks with size 1 captures stacks with size 3.
Return move - The board is cylindrical on its top-bottom rows, a piece on its last row, can move to its first row on the same column or at adjacent columns.
Return moves cannot capture, so the move must be into an empty cell.
The returned piece may optionally change to another type of piece.
GOAL - Wins the player that captures all enemy pieces..

The idea of this game is based on the Scissors-Rock-Paper game.

An example

White's turn. He only has one stack of size 3 (and so it's vulnerable to enemy stacks of size 2). In his move, he captures d3:d4. 

The logical reply is f4:g3 and there is no way to protect the white stacks f1 and f2. White has lost the game. 

There is a computer opponent for Trimok. Check one of these websites [I, II].