Games of Towers

At the critical moment, the leader of an army 
acts like one who has climbed up a height 
and then kicks away the ladder behind him.
He carries his men deep into hostile territory 
before he shows his hand.

[Sun Tzu, The Art of War - XI.38]


This section covers abstract board games that can be played with stacking pieces (e.g., games where it is possible to create 'towers', 'stacks' or 'piles'). As in the previous sections, these games are also played on regular square or hexagonal boards, for two players and with sequential turns.

Here are the actual games included in this list (92 so far). Each game has a set of icons (position the mouse over them) and a short description to give an instant feeling of the game playability. To know more about each game, just click on the .




Game Description

3 Stooges On a changeable board, make a 3 in-a-row.
  Abande   Build limited stacks and keep all together.
Abstract Chess Simplifying and expanding the rules of FIDE Chess
Abstract Puluc A perfect-information variant of a traditional dice game.
Accasta Pari Move three pure or mixed stacks into the enemy field.
Agora Capture enemy stacks or surrender yours until you have them all.
  Attangle   Build three unmovable and uncapturable stacks.
Automaton Create chain reactions to obliterate your adversary!
Avalam Bitaka Be the one who owns more Stacks.
Avanti Meet the treasure and the safe.
Bagh Bandi  A Sri-Lanka wolf-sheep traditional variant with stacked victims.
Bashya A Russian checker variant.
Breakthrough Move to the last row between explosions and captures. 
  Byte   The 2 out of the possible 3 eight-stacks
Cash in Hand Deploy stackable stones over the board and capture enemy ones.
  Castle   Construct or destruct a goal.
Chad Breach the Castle and mate the King.
Chain Reaction Move your stacks until the goal area to gain points. 
Columns of 3 Stalemate your opponent with your triple stacks.
Contigo Battle in two complementary fields to achieve a 4 in-a-row.
  Corintho   On a 4x4 three types of pieces try to form 3 in-a-row
  Courier   Move your courier to the last row or capture the enemy one.
Court A medieval struggle to kill a King and keep the people.
Dérive Build stacks to reach last row.
  Domination   Jump and stack to prevent your adversary to move.
Dragon Mixing two different Checkers.
Dvonn Orbiting about Dvonn pieces while capturing opponent's stones. 
Emergo Simplifying the rules of Lasca to its essential features.
Fibonacci Surround the adversary center piece using multiple moves.
Focus A game of limited stacks and reserve managing.
Force 3 Slide and reshape stacks to make a 3 in-a-row in a 3x3 board.
Foxy Move your stacks to enough empty cells.
  Game of 5 Fields   Position your army or capture their queen.
  Gimel   Use your army to capture a set of adversaries.
Gipf The original game of the GIPF project.
  Gobbler Be the Littles and run. Be the Gobblers and also run.
  Gounki   Reach one of your stacks into the adversary' first line.
Good for Nothing A twist between Checkers and Misère Checkers.
Gro Grow your bacterial army for dish control.
Guard & Towers Use towers to capture the enemy guard or reach the enemy base.
  Guerre de Deux Roses   Capture the enemy King using phalanx moves.
Gyges Using shared stacks, move yourself to the last row.
  Hexit   In a growing board, make the most of it.
Hibryd A game with a multitude of goals
High and Low Move your army between walls, move walls between your army.  
Inchworm Build your stacks to surround enemy ones.
India Make bigger stacks but keep some simple ones.
  Intercept   A soccer-like board game.
Intermedium Move and twist until you reach and capture the enemy city.
  Kingdom   Use your nobility to siege the enemy monarch or reach his throne.
Kinger A variant mix of Checkers.
Lasca Build taller stacks and deprive your adversary of valid moves.
  Libero   An abstract football.
Mancala The oldest known abstract game!
Mastery Two complementary goals in a game with zones of control.
  Matches   Use the move restrictions to stalemate the adversary.
  Murus Gallicus   Make & destroy walls while trying to reach the other edge.
Notwo's A connection game with stack building and distribution.
  Numeri   Use 3 types of stacks to neutralize your adversary.
  Obonto   Every move removes a cell. Loses the one unable to move.
  Outfox   Drop & slide to make specific 3 in-a-rows
Peaceful Resistance Block your adversary with 'harmful' walls
  Persivic Change your stacks to reach the last row.
Pogo Stack the enemy to stalemate him. 
  Pouce   Move your stacks to the last row.
  Queen Courtier's Make your Queen and King share the same cell.
Quick Use stacks as colors and moves as walls.
Ra Move your stacks into the opponent's base.
  Reverso   A net of capturing and moving powers.
  Seti   Use your 3 types of stones to make it to the last column.
  Shakti A simple version of Chess with obstacles.
Shoo Mount and dismount travelers to the opposite corner.
  Siegestones   Control four neutral stones by influence.
Splay Bring enemy 'splayed' stones in your first row.
Splotch Capture ten mutating stacks.
Stacks Search for a arithmetic succession of four stacks.
  Stax   An 1919 stacking capture game.
  Step by Step   Travel thru rising stacks to reach the center cell.
  Stlts   Build mighty pieces to smash the adversary.
  Storm   Make yourself unable to move.
  Strike   Reshape your army after each capture and go after her King!
Takat Stalemate your adversary between stacks and states of safety.
  Tessaron   Rearrange stacks of a 4D cube
The Last Captain Sink ships until no enemy Captain survives!
  Tour de Ruche   Maneuver your stacks to protect the King's path.
Tours Create stacks and unleash them against your opponent!
Tricouleur Capture the enemy army by replacement or sliding.
  Trimok The scissors-paper-rock abstract game.
UnStack Unstack your initial towers and spread thru the board.
  Wigwam   A hexagonal game of checkers.
Winkers Make one three in-a-row on top of neutral stones.
  Xana   Drop, move and split your stacks while building your terrain.

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