Copyright (c) 2009 Martin Windischer

The game is played on following board:

bullet STACK: A stack is owned by the owner of the top piece.
bullet MOVE: To move a stack, you take the whole stack. The bottom piece is put on an adjacent cell, the second bottom piece on an adjacent cell to this cell and so on.
bullet After a move the top piece has to be more advanced than the initial stack (Black advances to the right, White to the left).
bullet If a cell is occupied, the piece simply is dropped on top of this stack.
bullet It is forbidden to move the stack back and forth. However, you are allowed to visit the same cell twice (or more often) if at least 2 other cells are in-between the visits.
bullet TURN: On each turn, the player moves a friendly stack.
bullet GOAL: If it is a player's turn and he cannot make a legal move, he wins (either because all stacks are owned by his opponent or because his only stack is on the right/left-most cell.
An example

White stack of size 3 could move north-east/west/south-west creating the next position:

so black has no possibilities to capture large stacks and white keeps the initiative.