Copyright (c) 2003 L. Lynn SMith 

This game is played on the following board.

There are a sufficient number of black, white and red stackable stones off-board. These stones are shared by both players.

TURN - On each turn, each player drops a stone of either color on a cell, provided that:
the color is not the one last played by the opponent,
the cell cannot have that color already.
ADJUST - After each drop, the adjacent cells are adjusted in the following way:
If the adjacent cell has a stone of that color, that stone is removed (any other stone remains).
If the adjacent cell does not has a stone of that color, a similar stone is dropped in that cell.
Capture - After the adjust, the player captures any stack with all the three colors.
GOAL - Wins the player that makes 10 captures.
An example

Player First captured 9 stacks, while Second captured 7. The last move (from Second) was a black stone. Now, First can drop a white or red stone. If he drops a white on cell [1], after the adjust the adjacent stack of size 2 will get a white stone. First then captures that stack, thus achieving 10 captures and winning the game. 

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