Games of Soldiers

While heading the profit of my counsel,
avail yourself also of any helpful circumstances over 
and beyond the ordinary rules.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War - I.16]

This page presents games that are played with Go stones using a regular square or hexagonal board, for two players and played in sequential turns. Most are not related to Go (Go variants are also found at Andre Engels's website and at Sensei's Library).

Among board game sites, check the Zillions website, François Haffner's JeuxSoc and Jose Diaz's Abstract Strategy Games.

Looking for websites to play abstract games online? Check MindsSports, Ludoteka, Super Duper Games, BoardSpace or BrainKing. You can also play by email at Richard's PbM Server. For an online server for Chess and Go look at the FICGS server.

Other websites to check are Ludism, James Master's Traditional Board Games, Justin du Coeur's Medieval & Renaissance Games, GARD - GAmes Research Database, The Big Game Hunter, Game Archives Rules. Related groups are the newsgroup (check r.g.a archive for old posts since 1992), the Abstract Games Club, the BoardGameGeek forum and the History Games archive. For commercial games, check BoardGame Geek, Luding, Ludorium, Funagain for technical info, and Gameparts, Darwin's Game Closet for old rules copies.

Here are the actual games included in this list (277 so far, not including variants). Each game has a set of icons (position the mouse over them) and a short description to give an instant feeling of the game playability. To know more about each game, just click on the . The icon indicates an update to a specific game.




Game Description

16!   Drop 3x3 patterns matching those already on board.
3 Musketeers  Stalemate yourself or make 3 musk-in-a-row. 
  369   Be the 1 to make more 3 and 6 in-a-rows
  4D Tic-Tac-Toe Make as many 3 in-a-rows that you can!
  4Squared   Each sector determines the next sector action.
Abalone Push 6 opponent stones out of the board.
Aboyne Slide and jump until the opposite corner.
  Abyss   Slide enemy stones out of the board.
Abstract Crosse Lose your pieces in a rotating center board. 
All the King Horses Stalemate your adversary with a set of shared horses. 
Alquerque Play the father of Checkers.
Alva Wins points between capturing and returning
Anchor An hexagonal game of territory
Andantino Drop stones to make 5 in-a-rows or surround an enemy stone.
Annuvin Capture your opponent makes him stronger!
Antipod Play balanced hex on a "sphere".
Apex Connect your two edges, by sliding your stones, and removing the others.
  Archers   Move one of your archers to the enemy field.
Archimedes Capture by multiple range and reach the enemy port.
Aries Push your opponent's stones out of the board and reach the distant corner.
A Simple Game Move your stones in a 4x4 arena to make a 3 in-a-row
Ataxx Grow and jump around your adversary
Atoms Capture stones with limited move capabilities.
  Attract   Attract pieces to achieve a winning pattern.
Attraction Move your planets to the other edge of the solar system.
Barrier Move your piece to stalemate your adversary. 
Billiards Slide and bump until the last row.
  Biloba   Custodian captures with secondary effects.
Bivouac Slide and capture to occupy your own home base. 
Black & White Move and jump to make a 4 in-a-row or stalemate the adversary.
Blue Nile Travel thru the Nile until you find a dead end for your opponent.
Blockdance   Capture by group pivot moves.
Boku Make a 5+ in a row, while sandwiching enemy stones.
Bombardment Bomb your path do victory.
Boomerang   Drop patterns to conquer other patterns.
  Box Hex   An Hex variant on a 'boxed' topology.
Breakthrough Reach the last rank, and capture stones along the way.
British Square Be the one with more soldiers at the end of the game.
Bulo A 2D NIM game and related variants.
Bunny War A bunny checker variant.
Can the Sardines The children chair dance in a sardine's can.
Carreno's Entropy Disperse your stones to achieve maximum entropy.
Cascades Use the flow to conquer the bottom row.
Castle Invade the opponent's Castle and grab the other's throne
Cathedral be the one to dominate in a Medieval City 
Cats & Dogs Place your allergic pets over the board (original name: Snort)
Cavalieri all'assalto An army of knights trying to reach the last row
Chameleons Move your shifting chameleons to capture all the others.
Checkers Gomoku Remove stones by making 4 in-a-rows.
City Sliding on one of the possible grandfathers of Chess.
Cleave Slide your soldiers and capture enemies by custody or intervention.
Clobber Clobber adjacent stones until no enemy valid moves are left.
Complica A shifting variant of Connect4
Connect 4 Drop stones to create a 4 in-a-row, in a gravity field board.
Conspirateurs Play sitting on the chair on a Go board.
Cram Drop the last domino.
Crockodator Occupy the three islands.
Crusade The on/off traditional jigsaw for two players.
Crystals Grow more crystals than your adversary.
Dao On a small 4x4 board with running stones, achieve a winning position
Dara Capture stones by creating 3 in-a-rows.
Dawson Chess Capture to stalemate your opponent.
Deflector Deflect your stones to reach the opponent's setup.
Delta Slide and drop stones to make a 4 in-a-row.
Diagonals Win points by making diagonals.
  Diamonds & Pivots   Make diamond patterns to capture enemy pieces.
Diffusion Relocate and attack the opponent stones until all of them are alone and dead.
Dispatch Dispatch pentominoes over the board to achieve territory.
Dodgem Slide your stones and stalemate the opponent even if you cannot do it!
Doh A twist on Connect-4
Dominion A mix between Othello and Ataxx.
  Drommels   Add and flip shared stones to make a 4 in-a-row
  Duffer   Jump and populate the board.
Epaminondas Reach last rank before your adversary reaches your own rank.
Evasion Use a new type of move, the evasion, to get your stones into enemy camp.
Fanorona The strange and distant relative of Alquerque.
Fascia   Jump and capture while going to the center.
Fianco Move and capture to place your King on the last row
Fire Drill Drop and move stones by bumping, to make a 4 in-a-row.
First Attack   The N-queen puzzle turned into a game.
Fission Slide your atoms and remove your neighbors with atomic explosions.
Five Field Kono A traditional Korean game of running armies.
Forge Stalemate your opponent while moving into his ranks.
  Forms   Capture by replacement or sliding until you have no moves left.
  Forte   Make a four in-a-row using knights in a fort.
Fox & Geese Slip or trap the fox, depending of who you are.
Frenzy Use his fishes to feed your sharks, or vice versa.
Froggo Make a complete cycle for each of your jumping stones. 
Galice A game between Alice and Go
Gauntlet One player tries to go through the other's defenses.
Gem A Y variant over a five edge board.
Gess Dissect chess pieces into 3x3 Go cells, and capture all Royal Rings.
Glass Bead Control and influence cells to achieve victory.
  Global Connection   A Go-like game where only connected groups survive.
  Gobs   Capture or recruit the enemy's army.
Goju   Achieve the central positions or prevent your adversary to do so.
Gomoku Make 5 in-a-row.
Gonnect Use the Go concepts to connect two opposite edges.
  Gosix   Control hexagons to release resources.
Gravity Make 4 in-a-row on a square gravity field.
Grensholm Move a Knight from the last row to its first. 
Groups Be the first to join your scattered stones.
  Guerrilla Checkers  

Different goals for different areas of the board.

  GungHo   With ten reusable stones, make a 5 in-a-row.
Halma Jump as fast as you can to the opponent's corner.
Hasami Shogi Get stones by custodian capture.
Havannah Achieve some patterns or connect edges
Hepta   Each played drops a different shape and tries to be the last mover.
  Hex Connect opposite edges
  Hexade Connect or achieve one of several winning patterns.
Hexapawn A simple "reach the last row" game by Martin Gardner.
Hexgomoku Playing Gomoku on hexagonal boards.
Hexmeister Align or encircle gates on a board full of lanes and rings.
Hip Move and avoid making squares.
Hold That Line Extend the line until it is not possible.
Holly Jump over your enemies and capture them asap.
Huntsmen Capture all opponent's stones, but after each capture, they get stronger!
Hupo Select the opponent stone to move and reach the goal cell.
In Crowd A majority force can conquer the board. 
Iqishiqi How to build a shared labyrinth and how to step out of it.
Jack Rabbits Multiply your rabbits insanely and fill the board!
Jade A different goal scenario on a Hex board.
Jeson Mor A simple traditional game to occupy the board center.
  Jul-Gonu Use custodian capture to defeat your opponent.
Jumpin A simple relative of Halma.
Jumping Beans A set of mandatory capture races to get the center.
Kanga   A Gonnect game with selected custodian captures.
Kangaroo Get the most points with your survival stones.
Känguruh Jump until one cannot move.
Kassle Drop stones and shift rows and columns to get 5 in-a-rows.
Kefren Use pivot moves, or just twirls, to capture and reach enemy lines!
King's Court A big checker variant, where domination of the center is the key to win.
King's Men Lose your jumping men to win.
Konane Empty the board until your opponent cannot jump.
Kono On a 4x4 board, capture until the opponent is unable to do it.
Krieg On a 4x4 board, move to stalemate or reach a winning pattern.
Lanrick   Conquer the center and reduce your adversary army.
Leap Frog Jump and wipe out the enemy frogs from your swap!
Lewthwaite's game Position your stones to stalemate your opponent.
Line 5 Jump until you get a 5 in-a-row.
Linear Progression Extend your broken line and win by points.
Lines of Action Connect your stones, by changing their way of move.
Macadam Slide and jump until the opposite row.
MacBeth A hexagonal variant of Othello.
Magneton Repel and attract stones to achieve 4 in-a-row.
Mamichess Force the King into the corner.
Man In The Moon A 19th century drop, move and capture game.
Meditation Recapture your own stones in order to win.
Medusa Capture and get territory, by sliding your group of stones.
Migration Move all your stones to the other edge, but as slow as possible...
Minefield A way to see Othello and Moku games together
Ming Mang Slide your pieces, flip your opponent stones, and stalemate him!
Mini Push Slide out (and in) your stones to achieve winning patterns.
Mix'N'Match Capture equal or unequal stones to stalemate your opponent.
Mod. Ming Mang Slide your pieces, flip your opponent stones, and secure a greater cell area.
Mole Hill On a garden field, the mole tries to escape a series of blockades.
Moray Eels Two strange beings fight to extinction.
Motala Strom An one-dimensional board to capture and move into.
Moxie Drop, move and jump to achieve a 3 in-a-row or capture 6 stones.
Mu Torere   A New Zealand traditional game.
Neighbours Use your neighbors to keep moving.
  Network Build a line of loose connected stones to join opposite edges.
Neutreeko Make 3 in-a-rows, by sliding stones across the board.
Nevo Achieve a position at the enemy field.
Nineteen A NIM-like game with vanishing triangles 
NoNet   Be the last to play at a non balanced board.
Northcott's An old game with another look.
  Oling   Reach the opposite corner using a chain of friendly pieces
Olix Create the largest patterns and win.
Omemom Place yourself into two enemies.
Ooyoo   Move your army by pairs.
Orbit A new way to think about territories
Orthokon Slide stones, change enemies to friends, stalemate your opponent.
Othello Flip using custodian capture, and get the majority of stones at endgame.
Overboard Slide all those enemy stones off-board. 
Over the Edge Isolate or throw into the Abyss your enemy stones.
Paddachee Make the greater number of patterns.
  Paradux   Move and swap to make a 4 in-a-row.
  Partonia   Erase the enemy using custodian captures.

Patterns Capture stones by matching their patterns.
Pawnographic Chess A Pawn race to get a promotion. 
Pentagonal 3D5 A three-dimensional 5 in-a-row with neutral stones.
Pentagonia On a thin cylindrical board, capture or stalemate your opponent.
Pente Make 5 in-a-row or capture five pairs of stones.
Petteia Sliding on one of the possible grandfathers of Chess.
Photonic Attack Play Othello with Photon Phasers.
Phutball Create a goal path to win the philosophical soccer game.
Planko   Drop dominoes to control adjacencies.
Pleiadis A drop game with majority restrictions. 
Polatty Pressure Push the ball towards the opponent's goal line
Pompeii Slide, push and swap to reach that desired Home Base.
Product   Make the two largest groups and multiply their size.
Pure Tac Slide your pieces to make a 3 in-a-row.
Push Push stones to get a winning 5 in a row.
Push (II) Push your stones to get them into enemy camp. 
Push 4 Push stones to make 4 in-a-row
  Pux Capture the enemy army by creating stronger groups.
Pyramid 2D Climb towards the top of the pyramid.
Pyramida Exit your army thru the pyramid top. 
  Quad   Drops and restrict moves to make a 4 in-a-row.
Quadrature Capture enemy stones by 'squaring' them.
Quad Wrangle A complex variant of Attaxx
Quartetto Make large enough squares.
Quax A great game connecting Twixt and Hex.
Qubic A 3D extension of Tic Tac Toe
Queah's game A traditional Liberian game similar do Checkers.
Queen's Four   Sliding queens to make a 4 in-a-row.
Quits Move and slide your army until the opposite corner.
Quixo Shift stones and empty cells on a Torus to achieve a 5 in-a-row.
Rabbit Hole   Jump and extend in order to reach your hole.
  Regio A simple CGT game where a dropped cell occupies its empty neighbors.
Renju Make a 5 in-a-row, but 1st player has pattern restrictions.
Renpaarden   Lots of Chess Knights playingg Halma.
Reviser Two different powers with a same goal.
Ringo An old traditional game of unequal forces and one fortress.
Rings Spread your influence and by making empty hex rings.
Rolling Move forward your stones to make a 4 in-a-row.
Rover   Slide until you occupy the enemy base.
Rrib Bit   Make a 3 in-a-row of chess knights in a central area.
Sabin Rains A strange variant of Othello on an Hexagonal board.
  SanQi Fighting for your pattern inside shifting patterns.
Scala Connect all stones while you reach enemy base.
Scalus Scale your stone structures to capture stones and reach your destiny.
Scatter Disperse your stones into eight sliding areas.
Seega An old Egyptian game precursor of Petteia, Latrunculi and Hnefatafl.
Seegover   A modern mix variant of Seega and Othello
Send It   A restricted Go game, with progressive dispatches.
  Sidekicker   Move and capture and be the last one to move.
Simultana Prevent opponent moves, by creating odd/even adjacent cell areas.
Slime Trail Move the bug until your goal cell.
Smarts Achieve a second 5 in-a-row.
Snijpunt Change one row or one color and construct a 4 in-a-row.
Snort Different colors cannot be adjacent.
Squaredance Rotate lines of stones and break the enemy.
Squirm Build the longest string of stones.
Sudden Death Make a sequence of pieces to stalemate your adversary.
Star Create stars and merge them to win by points.
*Star An advanced version of Star.
Susan Surround one enemy stone.
Symbio Surround those enemy bodies, while growing and splitting your own.
Taktik Slide your 4 stones to align them together.
  Tanbo Grow your seeds and stalemate your opponent.
Tandems Move your army by pairs to the other side
Tara Connect both edges, by pushing friendly and opponent stones.
Teeko Reach one of several patterns on a 5x5 square board.
Tempo Create patterns to move and win by stalemating your opponent. 
Tic Tac Toe The seminal 3 in-a-row.
Toads and Frogs Move and jump to the other side.
Tonga Get the three largest groups.
  Trellis A connect game using a checkered board.
Trianon Avoid making a loose 3 in-a-row.
  Trig   Encircle or connect the Pillar with your stones.
Troll Connect opposite edges, using Othello flipping powers.
Trop Drop and jump to capture while you can.
The Way of Go Siege and capture enemy stones using different stone ranges.
Twins Drop couple of stones respecting a couple of restrictions.
Twirls of Action Twirl your stones using the opponent strength, and connect them all.
Un Slide a shared piece and be the last to do it.
Under Pressure Try to reach the edge has Black, or prevent it has White.
Universe Be the one to drop the last pentomino.
Unlur A finely balanced connection variant between Y and Hex.
Vanakriget Place your army on the last row by moving or letting it be captured.
Vector Powers   Drop stones and then shift them off board to capture.
Verso A moveable flipping army searching for a 5 in-a-row.
Vilbergen A fierce battle on a one dimensional board.
Wali Make 3 in-a-rows to capture enemy stones.
  Walking Dots   Making a territory with a starting seed.
Weave   A connection thru one of two types of chains
Welter's Game Share stones to stalemate your opponent.
  Wizard's Garden   Drop, flip and harvest stones to dominate this small garden.
Wong´s Game Drop stones until no other is allowed.
Y Connect all the three board edges.
  Yin Yang Be the one with more stones at the 'right' place.
Yote Capture all the enemy stones by dropping and jumping at the best times.
Zen A Hex-like and Twixt-like game in a Toroidal board.
Zenix Win with the longest chain, while respecting Gravity.
Zonesh Reach the opponent corner with one of your soldiers.

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