Copyright (c) 2003 Sébastien Blondiau

This game is played on the following 8x7 square board:

  • TURN -  On each turn, each player must move one of his friendly pieces.
    • Zapperyellow (stack of size 1), or ZY:
      • Moves forward or sideways to an (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell.
      • ZYs may capture enemy ZY stones by jumping over them (also forward or sideways) and landing on the immediate empty cell (which must be empty). The captured stone is removed. Captures are not mandatory but may be multiple (i.e., after the first capture, the piece may continue capturing if possible).
      • A ZY in the player's first row cannot move sideways.
      • When a ZY arrives at the last row, it cannot move.
      • ZY may move onto friendly ZYs on the last row, up to the maximum of three pieces stacked together.
      • ZY may also be used to activate an adjacent friendly ZG (check below). This counts as a move.
    • Zapperblue (stack of size 2), or ZB:
      • Moves to any adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell.
      • ZBs cannot move to cells in the first or last row.
      • Captures enemy pieces (except deactivated ZGs) by replacement. Captures are not mandatory nor multiple.
    • Zappergreen (stack of size 3), or ZG:
      • Slides up to three cells in any orthogonal or diagonal line.
      • ZGs cannot move to cells in the first or last row.
      • ZGs capture as ZYs (with the exception that they can move up to three cells before he capturing jump). ZGs may capture ZYs, ZBs (which are removed) and also the activated ZG (which is not removed but becomes deactivated).
  • GOAL - The winner is whoever brings more ZYs to his last row.

In the original rules, ZG would have an extra move range (it could move one more cell), if the player won the last game. However, this rule only makes things more unbalanced to the best player.