Copyright (c) 1972 American Greetings

This game is played on a 8x8 square board with the following setup:

There are enough black and white stones off board.

SAFETY ZONE - the 2x4 area in the middle of the board (the marked cells in the diagram).
STACK - a stack may have stones of either color. The owner of a stack is the owner of the upper stone.
TURN -  On each turn, each player moves on of his stacks.
A stack can move diagonally forward to an empty cell.
A stack can also jump over a stack landing on the immediate next empty cell. 
Jumps can be made in any direction except (diagonally or orthogonally) backwards.
After the jump, the player places a friendly stone on top of the jumped stack if it belongs to the opponent.
Jumps are not mandatory.
Jumps cannot be made over stacks inside the safety zone or in the stack's first row.
Stacks at the last row, can move sideways or jump sideways over friendly stacks if that's the only way to make room for another stack.
GOAL - A player wins by either filling his last row with stacks (meaning that if the adversary doesn't move all of his pieces out, he only has to fill up the empty cells) or by moving all of his stacks into the last row if the player does not control eight stacks.
An example

Black's turn. Black can win in two turns by jumping f7 with f6. After the jump, the f7 stack gets a black stone and the stack belongs to Black. 

In the next turn, Black wins by moving f7 to e8. White cannot reply c8-e8 because jumps are not allowed in the player first row.

I wish to thank Chris Sjoholm for rule information.