Copyright (c) 2002 Walter Joris

This game is played on the following board:

  • TURN -  On each turn, each player passes his turn or duplicates one of his friendly stacks.
    •  A stack of size N duplicates by copying itself to an cell in the same row, column or diagonal, at a distance of N cells.
      • The intervening cells may be occupied or not.
      • An enemy stack at the destiny cell is neutralized (i.e., transformed into a neutral stack) and no copy of the original stack is made.
  • GOAL - There are two ways of winning:
    • By neutralizing one type of enemy stacks (i.e., neutralize all enemy stacks of size 1, 2 or 3).
    • When both players pass, the player with the largest sum of points wins the game (friendly stacks of size N worth N points).

Some sample moves

White started by copying c1 to f4. Then Black moves g8-e6. White replies with c1-c4 and Black neutralizes it with e6:c4 (since the black stack at c6 could copy itself to c4).

This game can be player with just pencil and paper. It is presented at 100 Strategic Games for Pen and Paper by Walter Joris.