Games of Kings and Soldiers

The consummate leader cultivates the moral law,
and strictly adheres to method and discipline; thus it is
in his power to control success.

[Sun Tzu, The Art of War - IV.16]

This section covers abstract board games with two set of pieces on each army, usually called the soldier and the King (but names may change...), and as in the previous section these games are also played on a regular square or hexagonal board, for two players and played in sequential turns.


Here are the actual games included in this list (163 so far). Each game has a set of icons (position the mouse over them) and a short description to give an instant feeling of the game playability. To know more about each game, just click on the . The icon indicates an update to a specific game.




Game Description

  3 Colors   Jump and capture to get points.
3 Crowns Create unroyal Troikas until you get one really ununroyal.
3 Stones Create as many 3 in-a-rows as you can to win by points.
7 Sages An abstract soccer field.
90 Grad Push the opponent royal piece or get to the center.
Amazons Stalemate your opponent by destroying the board cells.
Ambivalence   With custodian and intrusion capture, be the one with the largest army.
Apocalypse Eliminate all enemy soldiers.
Atrium   Make one of the possible 3 in-a-rows.
Batalo Slide your King or jump a soldier into the enemy base.
  Batman vs Catwoman   Pivot moves to trap the enemy hero.
Berolina's Revenge 16 chess pawns have limited time to escape the Berolina's wrath. 
Bipod Connect your two types of pieces to the board edges.
Blue & Gray Move your captain to the center board.
Blue Chip Use your pieces and some neutral ones to fill your winning row.
Bloc   A Clobber variant with blocking markers.
  Blockades   Each King deploys soldiers while rotating around the board.
Blocks Surround opponent stone with neutral walls.
Blokus Fill the board with all available tiles you have.
Boll's Game Flip your enemy to oblivion.
Breakthru The 60s version of Tablut.
Bubbles 4 Two II The joint capture powers of two Kings.
Bushka An offspring of Checkers and Fanorona.
Camelot Canter and capture to conquer the enemy castle.
Camette A small version of Camelot.
Campaign Jump your Knight into a 5 in-a-row.
Cannon Move towards the enemy Town.
Cavaliers au Cordeau Jump and drop your soldiers to achieve a 4 in a row.
Chase II Stalemate the enemy Kings with yours and his own soldiers.
Checkers Check the traditional family of jump over and capture games.
Chogo 44   Special custodian captures to seize the enemy King.
Cinko A twist on Gomoku using neutral stones.
Citadel The battle where the warlord cannot have more than five Citadels.
  City Blocks   Drop pentominos to achieve larger areas.
Collector Drop a pair of stones and make the biggest group.
Column   A pen&paper Epaminondas.
Conquest Invade the central fortress by making a specific pattern.
Corner Maximize your score, by capturing as many stones as possible.
  CQT   With 3 different capturing abilities, stalemate the adversary.
Creeper Jump your Kings to create a connecting path.
Croda A Checkers game with powerful Kings.
Cyclo Surround two or more neutral bases with some of your (un)safer stones.
Daggers With gravity capture some royal pieces or reach the enemy lines.
Dameo A Checkers game with lines of soldiers and powerful Queens.
Dameta A simple checkers variant with swaps.
  Diaballik   A football game in a tight square.
  Diagonals   Create structures while neutralizing the adversary.
Donkan Gain by (re)capturing the enemy King or (re)entering the Castle.
Dozo Be the first to make a equilateral triangle.
  Duplo   Expand and neutralize your adversary.
Ecke A NIM like game with a refresh option.
Ergo A 5 in-a-row with a shifting feline piece.
Euclid Create deadly rectangles and geometrically wipe out the enemy.
Evade Freeze the opponent pieces and evade yourself to the last row.
Farook A pattern game on a 4x4 board.
  Flag Grid   A catch the flag game with LoA movements.
Foursight The winning 4 in-a-row is constructed over base stones.
Freeze Leave your enemy without captures, by freezing his army.
Gambit Slide your pieces to capture the enemy.
GeneratorB Use your pieces to get into the main enemy generator core.
Gogol A sliding battlefield to capture a King or to protect another.

Turn to stone those enemy gorgons until you stalemate the last survivors.
Gothic Checkers Check the oldest relative of Checkers in Germany.
Growths Grow one of your groups to stalemate your opponent.
Guerilla Grow your groups and attack the others, to conquer territory.
Hecatomb How can 31 queens defeat one King?
  Hexagrams   Use triads and hexads to stalemate the adversary.
Hexdame The hexagonal version of Draughts.
Hnefatafl Capture the King if you have one, or escape it to the edge corners. 
Hobbes Maneuver your influence until you have the enemy King.
Hodgepodge Move, capture and jump to achieve one of many goals. 
Impasse Promote and demote until you lose your own.
  Inner Circle   Move your pawns on changeable and lifting boards
Interaction An abstract snooker game.
Invers Invert all your soldiers into Kings.
Isola Move and remove until one stops.
Ithaka All stones are neutral and can be used by both sides.
JumpJack Jump your stones and the Jack, to achieve goal at the last row.
Karaman A variant of Isola in a smaller board with a bigger rule set.
Kechi Move 6 cells on each turn, and stalemate the opponent.
  Khan Use the powerful Khans to support the weak soldiers to victory
Kick & Run Move one piece into the opposite corner.
Kiki & Bun-Bun Checkers with different armies.
Kings of Babylon A modern offspring of Latrunculi and Hnefatafl. 
  Knights   Jump from some patterns to maximize points.
Koan Move your army around the enemy to reach his last line.
Kuba Slide a specific number of neutral stones, or all the enemy!
Latrunculi The old roman abstract game board
Lifta   A growing line of markers to capture more friendly stones.
Louis XVI While one player wants the power, the other tries to run from it.
Lylipad Move, jump or swap or King(?) to the last row.
  Magnetism   Capture your own pieces using magnetic forces.
  Manic Minelayers Jump and destroy cells and stalemate the competition. 
Matrix Make a colorful 4 in-a-row.
MuchADO A hexagonal pushing checkers.
Network   Move yours robots and neutral batteries up to the last row.
Neutron Slide the Neutron to your first side.
  Norow   Move and drop under restrict orders.
Nosferatu Capture Nosferatu of turn into a vampire.
NotChess A Chess-like battle between two alternating pieces.
Operator Drop neutrals or jump over them.
Oshiqi A push game to get the ball to the edge.
Outwit Slide your soldiers into your besieged base.
  Palanquée Make your garden eat the enemy's.
Pasang Emas Collect points with you Ka in this traditional game from Brunei.
Pikkpakk Surround the neutral stone by influencing neighbor rows and columns. 
Playground Commandos One army tries to reach the central cells, the other prevents it.
Plotto Make a four in-a-row with a restricted drop rule.
Prairie Move your Bulls to the safe side, or capture them all!
Press Ups Pick and pick until no more of your picks are left.
Queen's Guard Two racing Queens for the central cell.
  Ransom Stalemate your opponent, or make him stalemate himself.
Reactor A nuclear battle to dust out your adversary.
Royal Carpet Escape a pair of Kings at the expense of your remaining army.
  Rubik Eclipse   Drops and shifts with 4 colors to achieve a 4 in-a-row
Run   Use the cowboys to deliver your cows.
Sabotage A catch the flag game with column-dependent movable pieces.
Serauqs Move yourself into a winning pattern
  Siege (aka Troke)   Knight attacks, knight defends. A castle in-between [1].
Shift Hexashift yourself to the last row.
Snail Trail Move your killer snail and stalemate your deadly enemy.
  Ski Jumps Stalemate the opponent by sliding and jumping your ski-army.
Slides of Action Slide the board to reunite your stones.
  Slings & Stones   A checker+chess capture/stalemate game.
Slow King Swap and move to bring your King to the last row.
Sombrero Win by demoting enemy Kings.
Sophia A maze of four colors in search of a row.
Spark Maneuver your Orbs and Sparks to Unmerlin your adversary
Squared and Crossed Each piece type eats the other. Capture them all!
Squaryd Win with a good square or by forcing the opponent to a bad one.
Squeeze Slide your Kings to capture the crowd.
  Support   Push and reposition your pieces via your bases.
Take It Away Maximize your score, by capturing as many stones as possible.
  The 1 Game Remove neutral stones from the board and stalemate yourself.
The L Game Move your piece and a neutral one to stalemate the adversary.
  The Right Moves   Control the inner circle or prevent the adversary from doing it.
  Thrall Block your adversary with pins in triangle cells.
Tourney Promote one of your soldiers, and then return.
Towers Place your Castellan into the enemy red cell.
Traffic Lights Make one of three kinds of 3 in-a-row.
Trespass Unbalanced armies in a 'let-me-pass' game.
Ugly Duck Reach the farthest rows of water and get back as a Swan. 
Uisge Create an entire royal army.
VUT   Opposite armies capture by custody and try to reach the last row (incl.variants).
Ximaera Stalemate your adversary using only neutral stones.
Zen L'inicié The same rules of LOA, but with a special neutral piece, the Zen.
Zèrtz A n-mate puzzle with an annoying opponent. The 3rd game of GIPF project.

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