Copyright (c) 2002 L. Lynn Smith

The game is played on the following board:
STONES - All stones are neutral and can be moved by either player.
A piece may be moved any number of empty cells on a straight (orthogonal or diagonal) line.
A player may not move a piece which was last moved by the opponent OR which is not adjacent to one of its own color..
GOAL - The object is to form a directly adjacent orthogonal or diagonal line of three pieces of the same color or to stalemate your opponent. 
The game is lost with third move repetition.
An example

The last moved stone was the blue at b4. The next player does not have many options. The red at a3 and the blue at d2 cannot move. If blue b3-a4, then c4-b3 and win with a line of green stones. If red c2-c1, then win with green d3-c2. Two possible moves are black b2-a1 or green c4-d4.

There is a ZRF to play Ithaka with Zillions.