Copyright (c) 1997 Christoph Endres and Robert Wirth

This game is played on a 7x7 square board with the following setup.

  • GUARD - Each player has a Guard (the marked one in the diagram).
    • The Guard moves to any adjacent orthogonal cell not occupied by a friend. If there is an enemy piece in the cell it moves, then that piece is captured.
  • STACK - One or more soldiers of the same color.
    • Each stack move orthogonally the same number of cells has the number of stones it has.
    • If it moves into a cell with a friendly stack, both stacks unite into one.
    • A stack can capture the enemy Guard or an enemy stack by moving to its cell, but only if the enemy stack consists of equal or less pieces. 
    • A stack cannot jump.
    • Stacks may be split. The new smaller stack moves according to its height.
  • TURN - On each turn, each player must move one of his stacks or move his Guard.
  • GOAL - Wins the player that captures the enemy Guard, or moves his Guard into the cell where the enemy Guard starts the game.

An example

White' move. He wins by moving its e6 single stack into e7, forming a stack of size 2. Now the black Guard is attacked by e7.

If it moves to f7, then the e6 stack splits into two stacks of size one, moving one of them to f7 and capturing the King 

If it moves to g6, then the white Guard captures it.

There is a ZRF to play Guards & Towers with Zillions. There's a German webpage of this game available.