Copyright (c) ? V. R. Parton

This game is played on a 10x10 square board with the following setup:

CHECKERS RULES - The move and capture rules for soldiers and Kings are the same as in Pool Checkers.
GOOD-FOR-NOTHINGS - The good-for-nothings (gfn) move and capture like soldiers (herein represented by stacks of 3 stones).
GOAL - Wins the player that first achieves one of the following things:
Capture all enemy soldiers and Kings
Loose all friendly gfns
Forcing the adversary to move or jump one of his gfns to the promotion row.

An example

Black's move. If he moves the single marked soldier to cell [1], white must capture it. Then, black must also capture that stone with the double marked soldier. Then the gfn at f4 must capture that one.

At this point, Black wins by moving his gfn f8-e7, because the white gfn d6, must make the following capture sequence d6:f8:d10, landing on the promotion row and thus, loosing!

A similar game is Chris Huntoon's Polarity.