Copyright (c) 1980's, 2001 Phillip L. Leduc

Gauntlet is a two player game played on a 8x8 square board. This is the initial configuration. 

MOVEMENT - All stones move in just one direction:
The right Black stones move left, 
The left Black stones move right, 
The White stones move up.
White runner player moves first!
CAPTURE - Stones capture by jumping enemy stones. Captures are mandatory, but the player may choose between multiple  captures.
WHITE GOAL  - Reach the last rank with one stone.
BLACK GOAL - Capture all White stones.

Some words from the author: The runner player should try to use captures to advance and should coordinate piece movement. Keep in mind that blockers can block each other. The blocker player can neutralize advancing runners by staying on a diagonal line that passes through an advancing runner. The blocking player can afford sacrifices to set up traps and double jumps and to isolate runners. There is a ZRF to play Gauntlet with Zillions.

An example

Black has won the game, White must capture g3, resulting on a multiple capture of g4 and e4.

Running to win!

[from the author] The runner player is to move and win in six. This position demonstrates how the runner player can sacrifice runners in order to gain time.

The blockers on the fifth rank end up too close to each other (c5 and g5) and allow the
runner on f2 to zoom through! The blocker at c6 can not get over in time because
of the two captures that must be made before it can advance right.