Copyright (c) 1977 Alex Randolph

This game is played on the following 6x6 square board:

There are also 11 friendly stones for each player and 11 neutral stones.

  • SETUP - One player drops each one of the 11 neutral stones on empty cells, and places one stone of each color on opposite corners (called the towers).
    • PIE RULE - One player selects one of the towers and move it on a straight line over the number of cells he wants. On every empty cell, the player places one friendly stone. Then, the other player selects his color.
  • TURN -  On each turn, each player must slide his friendly tower over an orthogonal or diagonal straight line.
    • If the tower moves over an empty cell, the player places a friendly stone under it.
    • A tower cannot move to the cell occupied by the other tower.
    • The tower may move into any of the four corners.
  • GOAL - The winner is whoever occupies 11 cells.
An initial move

One player dropped the 11 neutral stones (the blue ones) and moved the white tower to f2. Then other player choose the black army and moved to d1.

The physical set of  Foxy is quite different, however these rules describe the same game.