Copyright (c) 1976 Aladdin Publisher

Courier is played on a 8x8 square board with the following setup (each player starts also with a special piece called courier).

  • SETUP - Each player drops his courier into the top a friendly soldier.
  • TURN -  On each turn, each player must do one of the following actions.
    • Move a friendly soldier.
      • A soldier moves orthogonally or diagonally forward to an empty cell.
      • A soldier can also jump orthogonally or diagonally forward over an enemy piece landing on the immediate next cell (which must be empty). The jumped piece is captured. Multiple jumps are valid.
      • If the moved soldier carries a courier, the courier moves with it.
    • Move his courier to an adjacent cell (occupied or empty) of any direction.
  • GOAL - The winner is whoever captures the enemy courier or moves his own courier to his last row.

Notice that a courier may move into an enemy soldier. While there, the courier cannot be captured by the enemy. It seems possible for a soldier to carry both couriers.