Copyright (c) 2005 Paolo Scattini, Family Games, Inc.

This game is played on a 4x4 square board:

  • STACK - a stack may consist of three different pieces: bases (here red pieces), columns (yellow) and capitals (green).
    • A column and a capital can be only be on top of a base or a column.
    • A base cannot be on top of any other piece.
    • The top piece of a stack determines its type (ie, base, column or capital).
  • SETUP - Each player starts with a reserve of four bases, four columns and four capitals.
  • TURN -  On each turn, each player must do one of the following things:
    • Drop one of his pieces on an empty cell, or
    • Move a stack on top of another stack forming a new valid stack. These two stacks must be orthogonally adjacent to each other.
      • Stacks cannot be split.
      • The last created stack cannot be use in the immediate next turn.
  • GOAL - The winner is whoever makes a stable 3 in-a-row of stacks of the same type.
    • A 3 in-a-row is stable if the adversary cannot unmade it in the immediate next turn (or by making a 4 in-a-row, or by changing the type of one of the three pieces forming the row).

An example

Each player still has two capitals.

The next player wins the game by moving d4 on top of c4 making an unstable 3 in-a-row. Then, the adversary must drop a capital at c1. The player then drop another capital at d1, forcing the adversary to play another capital at a1 (at this moment, both player are out of capitals). The player, then, wins by moving c2 on top of b2 (a stable thus winning 3 in-a-row)