Copyright (c) 1974  3M Publ.

This game is played on the following board:

TURN - On each turn, each player (Red and Blue) must:
First: Move - in an orthogonal straight line - one of his soldiers a number of cells equal to the size of the black stack it moves towards to into an empty cell. Jumping over other stones is possible. 
If no move is available the player just does the second part.
 Second: Pick one of the black stack and redistribute the stones over the neighbor edge cells, at a maximum distance defined by the size of the picked stack.
The maximum size of a stack is 6.
GOAL - The first player that makes an orthogonal or diagonal 4 in-a-row wins. There may be empty cells between them.

Note that the corner stacks does not affect soldier movement, since they cannot move diagonally.

An example

The red soldier can move to one of the dotted cells. He cannot move left because there are not enough cells to move.


After moving the stone, Red picks the left stack and redistribute the black stones over a range of 4 cells.

There is an advanced game variant, where soldiers can move on L shape, i.e., make two orthogonal movements on each turn. This adds dynamism to this game which is a nice mixture of Mancala and Moku concepts.