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This game is played on an empty 3x3 square board:

OFF-BOARD - Each player has 8 stones off-board.
DROP PHASE - On the first phase, each player drops a stone into any cell with zero, one or two stones.
MOVE PHASE - When all the stones are dropped, each player on each turn, moves one free stone to an adjacent (orthogonal) cell, if that cell is empty or has a stack with one or two stones.
A stone is free if it is the only one on that cell, or if it is on a top of a stack.
All the stack below the free stone is moved with it.
GOAL - Wins the player that stalemates the adversary.

This game was presented on the old magazine Jeux et Strategie, but it does not mention the game inventor...

An example

Black to move. He can only moves his c3 stack to b3 (c1 is blocked by columns of 3). Then White moves, c2-c3, forcing c1-c2, and the wins with b1-c1.