The 6th Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games

During March 12, 2010, more than 1800 students (aging 7 to 17) from all Portugal joined at Santarém to play six different abstract games.

The Sixth Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games started months before in ~400 schools, scattered thru all Portugal, with local tournaments to find what students were the best players.

The games were the same of the previous edition:

The games were divided by students' age:

This meant 12 independent tournaments (a tournament per age per game). The final happened at CNEMA: More information can be found at (in Portuguese) and more photos here.

The event appeared in two national TVs:

Here are some pictures just before the event started:

The (big) room where all games took place. Each table saw three different group tournaments!

Each group had 12 students in 4 rounds

Each game had several tables

Each group plays a Swiss tournament,
so we need computers to solve this task

We had a large room this time!

Seeding even the non-mancala boards

Lots of people need lots of food...

The Final Begins

The finalists

In the morning there were the first phase. Then, around 10-25 players for each game/cycle were selected to participate, after lunch, at the finals. The names of the winners [student (school)] are: 

Paulo Costa (Agrupamento D. Afonso Henriques)
Semáforo 1º ciclo Ana Catarina Rocha (EB1 Ribeira Grande, Açores)
Orlando Almeida (EBI Forjães)
Gonçalo Bastião (2º Jardim Escola João de Deus)
Konane 1º ciclo Sofia Rosa (EB1 Infante D. Henrique)
Diogo Lourenço (Colégio Sagrado Coração de Maria)
João Carvalho (EBI Raul Lino)
Ouri 1º ciclo Ricardo Abrantes (EBI S. Mamede)
Gonçalo Ribeiro (EB2 Gaspar, Açores)
Maria José Ferreira (Agrupamento Caramulo)
Konane  2º ciclo Tiago Gaspar (EB23 D. João II)
Artur Mateus (EB23 Rio Tinto
Vitor Vieira (Agrupamento Sobreira)
Ouri 2º ciclo João Amaral (Colégio Teresiano)
Daniel Marques (EB23 Bocage)
João Graça (EB23 D. João II)
Hex 2º ciclo João Manuel da Silva (EB23 Joaquim Inácio Sobral)
Rui Carvalho (Agrupamento D. Afonso Henriques)
Maria Francisca Quaresma (EBI23 André de Resende de Évora)
Ouri 3º ciclo Fábio Cunha (EB23 Vasco Moniz)
Miguel Pinto (António Sérgio, Gaia)
Hugo Correia (EB23 D. João II)
Hex 3º ciclo Ruben Guerra (Colégio de S. Mamede, Leiria)
André Santana (ES3C D. Manuel I, Beja)
Tiago Dinis (EB23 Dra Maria Alice Gouveia)
Rastros 3º ciclo Patrícia Filipe (Agrupamento Barreiro)
Diogo Carvalho (Agrupamento Diogo Cão)
Fábio Costa (Escola Cristina Torres)
Hex secundário Luís Maduro (Escola Infanta Dona Maria)
Diogo Teixeira (Escola Valbon)
Tiago Martins (Sec. da Lagoa, Açores)
Rastros secundário Daniel Figueira (Escola Mem Martins)
Carlos Ribeiro (Escola Profissional Raúl Dória)
João Oliveira (ES Infanta Dona Maria)
Avanço secundário André Duarte (Escola Profissional de Ourém)
Gonçalo Cunha (Saleseanos de Lisboa)

This year ~40 blind students played together with the other students but using special playing sets.

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