Detailed information about the projects may be found at LASIGE website. 
The projects are presented in reverse chronological order.


Visual Analytics of Video Games and Sports
Start date/End date: 2016/
Spatial-Temporal Human Trajetory Visualization
Start date/End date: 2012/
Off-Screen Objects Visualization in Mobile Augmented Reality
Start date/End date: 2015/
Web Services for Thematic Maps
Sponsoring bodies: FCT
Start date/End date: 2012/2015
Conflation of Heterogeneous Geospatial Data
Sponsoring company: Novageo
Start date/End date: Nov. 2011/Oct.2014
SInteliGIS - Intelligent Geographic Information Services
Sponsoring bodies: FCT
Reference: PTDC/EIA-EIA/109840/2009
Start date/End date: 1-Jan-2011/31-Dez-2012
Mobile Augumented Reality and Visualization of POI

Start date/End date: 15-Set-2011/15-Set-2012
Funding: LabMag Master research scholarship

RUBI: An Open Source Android Platform for Mobile Augmented Reality Applications

Start date/End date: 15-Set-2010/15-Nov-2011

Visualization of the Relevance of Off-screen Objects on Mobile Devices

Start date/End date: 15-Set-2010/30-Set-2011
Funding: LaSIGE Master research scholarship

POI Awareness Using Indoor Positioning
Chameleon – A Context Adaptive Visualization Framework for Mobile Environments
Sponsoring bodies: FCT
Reference: SFRH/BD/46546/2008
Start date/End date: 1-Fev-2009/31-Jan-2012
GeoVis - Visualization of Geo-Referenced Information
Sponsoring bodies: FCT
Reference: FCT-PTDC/EIA/69765/2006
Start date/End date: 15-Oct-2007/14-Oct-2009
GREASE-II - Geographic Reasoning for Search Engines
Sponsoring bodies: FCT
Reference: PTDC/EIA/73614/2006
Start date/End date: 1-Nov-07/31-Dez-09

GREASE - Geographic Reasoning for Search Engines
Sponsoring bodies: FCT
Reference: POSI/SRI/47071/2002
Start date/End date: 1-Jan-04/31-July-07


Girls in ICT @CiênciasULisboa

Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa
Dates: 30 April 2016, April 23, 2015

Vodafone App Factory Laboratory

Joint project between FCUL and Vodafone
Start date: Sep 2011

Projecto Ciência Viva - À Descoberta dos Robôs e dos Agentes Inteligentes
Sponsoring bodies: ANCCT Programa Ciencia Viva, 2006-2008

Reference: CV PVI-464, National Project
Project Coordinator between 2006-2010