Opinion Survey Agents


The field of Agents evolved from the 80s along several tracks (distribution, multiplicity, autonomy), gained momentum, attracted forces, and faces today several challenges. We intend to diagnose the present situation and look into the future, but this exercise can only be achieved with the participation of the community at large. Please help us accomplish this aim by answering this brief questionnaire.

Helder Coelho, Luis  Antunes

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Personal Data:

Are you employed at:
How many AAMAS conferences have you attended?
How many people in your group work on agents?


Game theory is a very important research area for MAS:
The BDI model is a useful theory for developing agents:
Agent technology forms a bridge between AI and Software Engineering
Environment models are indispensable for any agent model:
Combining deliberative and reactive behavior is a very important challenge in agent implementation:
There are enough good agent development methodologies:
Agent technology is ready to be used by industry:
Major challenges in agent technology are theoretical:
Major challenges in agent technology are implementation issues:
Virtual characters are a major application area for agents:
Social simulation should be a part of AAMAS:
Cognitive robotics should be part of AAMAS:
How many years will agent technology exist independently?




I) How do you characterise the present moment of Agents field (mature, growing, established, etc.)?
II) Which research lines from the past were discontinued and yet remain open and interesting?
III) Identify the hottest issues and the most interesting open problems.
IV) What are the strategical directions (fundamental, theoretical, applicational) for the next 20 years?
V) Which are the main ethical or political issues raised by autonomous agents? Why are they not explicitly discussed?