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invited talk @ acm multimedia women's lunch 2016

This ACM MM Women's lunch took place on October 17th at ACM Multimedia 2016 in Amsterdam.

This year's event continued a tradition, as a communication and networking platform of the women in the community, and was the starting point to move on towards a more diverse and plenary event at future SIGMM MM Conferences,
as a plenary Diversity Lunch. It was also the first edition in a row to include invited talks.

My talk was based on my personal experiences, on initiatives to discuss and raise awareness about diversity, women and girls in ICT and in multimedia, and on my own insights.

It covered 3 main topics: 1) About Me; 2) Diversity; 3) My vision and statement on Being Whole!

Keywords: raising awareness; changing attitudes; expanding horizons and opportunities; different values, strengths and beliefs; inclusion, integration and empowerment; being whole as individuals and as a community.

I share the poem from the portuguese poet and writer Fernando Pessoa that I quoted at the end of the talk:

To be great, be whole: nothing
yours exaggerate or exclude.
Be all in everything. Put all you are
in everything you do.
Be like the moon that
shines whole in every pond
Because it lives up high.

Para ser grande, sê inteiro: nada
Teu exagera ou exclui.
Sê todo em cada coisa. Põe quanto és
No mínimo que fazes.
Assim em cada lago a lua toda
Brilha, porque alta vive.
Ricardo Reis, in "Odes", heteronym by Fernando Pessoa

Initiatives that I mentioned, and a couple more:

ACM-W supporting, celebrating and advocating for Women in Technology
European Center for Women in Technology
Women in Technology
Girls in ICT Portal - international inniciative by ITU
Girls in ICT @Ciencias.ULisboa - at my faculty in Portugal
Girls for a change. challenge, by Technovation
Google's Women Techmakers
Notable Women in Computing Card Deck
Portuguese Association of Women in Science
UNESCO Women in Science
Women @CSC, CMU | The ADA Project
{W} Stanford Women in Computer Science (WICS)

This topic was addressed this year at CHI 2016, at their first:
Diversity and Inclusion Lunch

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