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I have a PhD degree in Informatics, from FCUL - Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, in the field of Video, Hypermedia and Learning Technology.

I have a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from IST-Instituto Superior Técnico. My thesis was on Distributed Hypermedia.

I graduated in Computer Science (Applied Mathematics), also from FCUL-Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa in 1988. On my final (5th) year research project, I worked in the field of Expert Systems (Artificial Intelligence).

Along the years, I've also been taking some courses in topics related with psychology, pedagogy, wellbeing, human development and design.

work at the university

I'm teaching and researching at DI-FCUL - the Informatics Department at Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, since my final year as an undergraduate student in 1987.

I was also a system operator and administrator at the FCUL Informatics Center, on my last three years as an undergraduate student, 1985-88.

Later, along with my teaching and research activities, I was also the first webmaster of the Informatics Department, when the web was taking off and becoming popular at universities, while gradually reaching the industry and the general public at large, 1995-98.

research centers

where I've been working in research projects:

I am a senior member of the HCIM - Human Computer Interaction and Multimedia Team of LaSIGE - Large Scale Informatic Systems Laboratory, since its foundation in 1998.

I was a member of the TIM - Multimedia and Interaction Techniques Group, at INESC, in 1992-97.

I was a member of the Artificial Intelligence Group, at LNEC - Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, 1987-88.

research areas

My main research areas include: interactive multimedia and hypermedia, with special focus on video and hypervideo, human-computer interaction (HCI), interactive visualization, creativity, immersion, perception, cognition and emotions, wellbeing, accessibility, mobility, interactive and immersive TV, eLearning, digital talking books and digital art.

In these areas, I've been teaching, supervising PhD, MSc and project thesis, and working in research projects, having participated in the organization, in scientific committees, and as speaker, author and editor -more than 145 papers, chapters, proceedings... - in events such as conferences and workshops, and in journals and books, at national and international level.

industry & community

I was a founding partner of OnTV - "Sistemas e Serviços de Televisão Interactiva, SA.", a spin-off later integrated in the Interactive Television division at Novabase, at some point shared with the german Holding Technotrend NV, having participated in the launching of Interactive TV in Portugal, 2000-2005.
Main customers and partners included TV Cabo (becoming Zon Multimédia in 2008, and NOS in 2014 after merging with Optimus), Microsoft, SW companies and TV providers and producers.
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Collaborator of PUUG - "Portuguese Unix Users Group", 1990-1993.
Participated in the organization of all the events (seminars, conventions and courses) promoted by PUUG in these years, with the mission of promoting, spreading and sharing the knowledge in computer systems and networks based on Unix and open systems, helping to connect people in Portugal and around the world.
PUUG was the first Internet Service Provider in Portugal, becoming the Eunet Portugal company in 1994, and integrating the KPNQuest group in 1999. The portuguese part of the company integrated NOVIS (Sonae.com), which merged with Optimus in 2007, fusing with Zon Multimédia (formerly TV Cabo) in 2013, to create NOS in 2014.
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Contributed to the promotion and knowledge about the Web, through courses to the community, introducing the topic in the FCUL courses of Complementos de Sistemas e Redes de Computadores, and as a webmaster. These were grounded in Hypermedia Systems in Distributed Environments, central topics in my MSc, later developed in my PhD through Hypervideo on the Web.

In the context of Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics and its Applications:

Formas e Fórmulas Exhibition, Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Lisboa.
June 1st 2012 - July 15th 2016 @Museu | since Oct 27th 2016, a selection @FCUL
Collaborator: catálogo | press | the NAADIR project with Architecture

The interactive CD "A História do Pi em hipervídeo" was published by Texto Editores and distributed in portuguese high schools. More information in the related papers.

In the context of Raising Public Awareness of the society and the community about diversity, realities and opportunities for Girls and Women in ICT, HCI and Multimedia: I have been organizing the Girls in ICT @CiênciasULisboa event at FCUL since 2015, participating in the ACM Multimedia Women's Lunch since 2012, and the ACM CHI Diversity and Inclusion lunch since 2016; I was an invited speaker at the "As TICE têm Sexo?" panel at E-TECH Portugal 2016, and an invited speaker at the ACM Multimedia Women's Lunch 2016.

I have been reaching the community to Raise Public Awareness about Learning, Working and Researching in Computer Science, Information Technology and Informatics Engineering, through several iniciatives along the years, including: Dias Abertos and Semana Ciências em Movimento at FCUL, Futurália at FIL, visits and invited talks at schools.

I have also been Collaborating with the Industry and the Community, by teaching courses, certifying companies, evaluating projects, and in the context of projects and students' supervision, at national and international level.
Main companies and institutions include:
PUUG, Instituto de Formação Bancária, INA-Instituto Nacional de Administração, Ministério da Educação, PRÁXIA, Tim w.e., Nokia-Siemens, Cisco Systems Portugal, Portugal Telecom, Companhias de Seguros Império e Fidelidade, Unipartner, Centro de Informática da FCUL, INESC-ID, RUMOS, AnI, ADI, Octal TV, Novabase, Microsoft, Biblioteca Nacional, CMAF, CalTech, Texto Editores, INESC-TEC, FCCN, RTP, TV Cabo Interactiva, Zon/NOS, NOS Inovação, Duvídeo, MOG, CML, Vocational Education and Training Division of the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland, Swiss Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Radio-Televisione Svizzera Italiana, MIT Media Lab, BBC, IBEB, LIMMIT, Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência, Museu Universal dos Valores.



Member of ACM TVX Steering Committee, since 2016.
Associated with ACM SIGMM, SIGCHI and SIGTVX.

Member of NEM: New European Media innitiative, a European Technology Platform under the Seventh Framework Programme, dealing with Connected, Converging and Interactive Media & Creative Industries, driving the future of digital experience, since 2016.

President of the Financial Supervisory Board of ARTECH-International: International Association for Computer Arts, since 2013.

Chair of SIGMM: Special Interest Group on Multimedia at Grupo Português de Computação Gráfica: GPCG, since 2010. GPCG is the portuguese chapter of Eurographics.

President of the Financial Supervisory Board of Grupo Português de Computação Gráfica: GPCG, 2008-12.

Affiliated and colaborator of PUUG - "Portuguese Unix Users Group", 1990-93 (described in the industry section, above)

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