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I am an Associate Professor at the Informatics Department at
Faculty of Sciences . University of Lisbon, and a researcher at HCIM: Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia team and the Health and Biomedical Informatics research line of the LASIGE Lab. More context.



DI-FCUL, Edifício C6, Piso 3
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal

tel: +351 217500611   +351 217500000 (ext 26336)
fax: +351 217500084
office: 6.3.36A

email: tc (at) di.fc.ul.pt aka mtchambel (at) ciencias.ulisboa.pt
web: http://www.di.fc.ul.pt/~tc



Special Issue - CfP is out!
Multimedia Alternate Realities
Multimedia Tools and Applications, MTAP, Springer, 2020
Guest Editor


ACM Multimedia 2020

Oct 12-16, Seattle, WA, USA, CORE A*

Doctoral Symposium Chair


ACM IMX 2020
Interactive Media Experiences
Jun 17-19, Barcelona, Spain (online)
Author . DC . Steering Committee


ACM IMX Steering Committee
IMX since 2020 . TVX till then
Executive Vice-President since Oct 2017
Member since Jun 2016


"Conceptualizing Augmented Reality Television for the Living Room". IMX 2020, Jun 17-19, Barcelona, Spain (online) Best Paper Honourable Mention. Author


"Insights COmVIDa"


"A História do Pi em hipervídeo"
lançamento: 3.14, 2020

Dia Internacional da Matemática
Pav. Conhecimento (agenda prevista)
Author . Presenter


"A interessante história do ubíquo número Pi", Artigo FCUL, 6.14, 2020


"A História do Pi em Hipervídeo", Os Dias do Futuro, programa de Edgar Canelas, RTP Play, Antena 1, jul11 2020


"Memorable and Emotional Media Moments: reminding yourself of the good things!", VISIGRAPP/HUCAPP' 2020
Feb 27-29, Valleta, Malta. Best Paper Award
Author . Presenter


"Quote Surfing in Music and Movies with an Emotional Flavor"
Feb 27-29, Valleta, Malta
Author . Presenter


AWESOME 2019 Workshop
Dec 11, Ciências.ULisboa, Portugal
Organizer . PI


Senses & Sensibility 2019
Lost in (G)localization

Nov 27-29, Lisbon, Portugal

"Design for tech and digital interactions" Track Chair


ACM Multimedia 2019

Oct 21-25, Nice, France, CORE A*

Program Committee Chair for the
"Art and Culture" Area


ACM TVX 2019
Jun 5-7, Manchester, UK
Steering Committee . DC


"EmoJar: Collecting and Reliving Happy and Memorable Media Moments"
ACM TVX 2019
Jun 5-7, Manchester, UK
Author . Presenter


"This Music Reminds Me of a Movie, or Is It an Old Song? An Interactive Audiovisual Journey to Find out, Explore and Play"
Feb 25-27, Prague, Czech Republic
TPC . Author . Presenter


Girls in ICT @CiênciasULisboa
vai às escolas desde 2019

AltMM | Multimedia Alternate Realities
at ACM Multimedia . conf A*
2018: Oct 22, Seoul, Korea
2017: Oct 27, Mountain View, CA, USA
2016: Oct 16, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Workshop Chair . website


ACM TVX 2018
Jun 26-28, Seoul, Korea
General Chair


"As Music Goes By
in versions and movies along time"

ACM TVX 2018
Jun 26-28, Seoul, Korea
Author . Presenter


"Designing Interactive Spatiotemporal Visualizations to Enhance Movie Browsing", Interact'2017, CORE A
Mumbai, India, Sep 25-29, 2017


ACM TVX 2017
Jun 14-16, Hilversum, NL
Inclusion and Accessibility Chair


Keynote at WebMedia 2016
"Interactive and Immersive
Media Experiences"

Nov 8-11, Teresina, Piauí, Brazil
Invited Speaker


ACM Multimedia 2016

Oct 15-19, Amsterdam, NL, CORE A*

Program Committee Chair for the "Multimedia HCI and Quality of Experience" Area


ACM Multimedia Women's Lunch 2016
Oct 17, Amsterdam, NL, conf A*
Invited Speaker . Being Whole!

Special Issue - Is Out!
Immersive Media Experiences

MTAP Springer, 75(20), Oct 2016
Guest Editor


ACM TVX 2016
Jun 22-24, Chicago, IL, USA
Doctoral Consortium Chair


"Towards Media for Wellbeing"
ACM TVX 2016
Jun 22-24, Chicago, IL, USA
Author . Presenter
Aligned with Positive Computing, by Calvo & Peters, who I met at CHI 2016


"My Perspective on My Life on Film"
My Life on Film workshop at CHI 2016
May 7, San Jose, CA, USA . conf A*
Author . Presenter


E-TECH Portugal 2016
Panel: "As TICE têm Sexo?"
Jun 4, Setúbal, Portugal
Invited Speaker | news @FCUL

Immersive Media Experiences
at ACM Multimedia . conf A*
2015: Oct 30, Brisbane, Australia
2014: Nov 7, Orlando, FL, USA
2013: Oct 22, Barcelona, Spain
Workshop Chair . website

Formas e Fórmulas Exhibition
Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência | catálogo | press
Jun 2012-Jul 2016, @Museu, Lisboa
Oct 2016-Mar 2017, a selection @FCUL


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