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I am an Associate Professor at the Informatics Department at
Faculty of Sciences . University of Lisbon and a researcher at HCIM: Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia team of the LASIGE Lab. More context.



DI-FCUL, Edifício C6, Piso 3
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal

tel: +351 217500611   +351 217500000 (ext 26336)
fax: +351 217500084
office: 6.3.36A

email: tc (at) di.fc.ul.pt aka mtchambel (at) ciencias.ulisboa.pt
web: http://www.di.fc.ul.pt/~tc



Special Issue - CfP is out!
Multimedia Alternate Realities
Multimedia Tools and Applications, MTAP, Springer, 2020
Guest Editor


ACM IMX 2020
Interactive Media Experiences
Jun 17-19, Barcelona, Spain
Steering Committee


ACM IMX Steering Committee
IMX since 2020 . TVX till then
Executive Vice-President since Oct 2017
Member since Jun 2016


AWESOME 2019 Workshop
Dec 11, Ciências.ULisboa, Portugal
Organizer . PI


Senses & Sensibility 2019
Lost in (G)localization

Nov 27-29, Lisbon, Portugal

"Design for tech and digital interactions" Track Chair


ACM Multimedia 2019

Oct 21-25, Nice, France, CORE A*

Program Committee Chair for the
"Art and Culture" Area


ACM TVX 2019
Jun 5-7, Manchester, UK
Steering Committee . DC


"EmoJar: Collecting and Reliving Happy and Memorable Media Moments"
ACM TVX 2019
Jun 5-7, Manchester, UK
Author . Presenter


"This Music Reminds Me of a Movie, or Is It an Old Song? An Interactive Audiovisual Journey to Find out, Explore and Play"
GRAPP' 2019
Feb 25-27, Prague, Czech Republic
TPC . Author . Presenter


Girls in ICT @CiênciasULisboa
vai às escolas desde 2019

AltMM | Multimedia Alternate Realities
at ACM Multimedia . conf A*
2018: Oct 22, Seoul, Korea
2017: Oct 27, Mountain View, CA, USA
2016: Oct 16, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Workshop Chair . website


ICGI 2018
Int. Conf. on Graphics and Interaction
Nov 15-16, Lisbon, Portugal
Program Committee . Author


ACM TVX 2018
Jun 26-28, Seoul, Korea
General Chair


"As Music Goes By
in versions and movies along time"

ACM TVX 2018
Jun 26-28, Seoul, Korea
Author . Presenter


"Designing Interactive Spatiotemporal Visualizations to Enhance Movie Browsing", Interact'2017, CORE A
Mumbai, India, Sep 25-29, 2017


ACM TVX 2017
Jun 14-16, Hilversum, NL
Inclusion and Accessibility Chair


Keynote at WebMedia 2016
"Interactive and Immersive
Media Experiences"

Nov 8-11, Teresina, Piauí, Brazil
Invited Speaker


ACM Multimedia 2016

Oct 15-19, Amsterdam, NL, CORE A*

Program Committee Chair for the "Multimedia HCI and Quality of Experience" Area


ACM Multimedia Women's Lunch 2016
Oct 17, Amsterdam, NL, conf A*
Invited Speaker . Being Whole!

Special Issue - Is Out!
Immersive Media Experiences

MTAP Springer, 75(20), Oct 2016
Guest Editor


ACM TVX 2016
Jun 22-24, Chicago, IL, USA
Doctoral Consortium Chair


"Towards Media for Wellbeing"
ACM TVX 2016
Jun 22-24, Chicago, IL, USA
Author . Presenter
Aligned with Positive Computing, by Calvo & Peters, who I met at CHI 2016


"My Perspective on My Life on Film"
My Life on Film workshop at CHI 2016
May 7, San Jose, CA, USA . conf A*
Author . Presenter


E-TECH Portugal 2016
Panel: "As TICE têm Sexo?"
Jun 4, Setúbal, Portugal
Invited Speaker | news @FCUL

Immersive Media Experiences
at ACM Multimedia . conf A*
2015: Oct 30, Brisbane, Australia
2014: Nov 7, Orlando, FL, USA
2013: Oct 22, Barcelona, Spain
Workshop Chair . website

Formas e Fórmulas Exhibition
Museu Nacional de História Natural e da Ciência | catálogo | press
Jun 2012-Jul 2016, @Museu, Lisboa
Oct 2016-Mar 2017, a selection @FCUL


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