In 2015
— Novelty Grammatical Swarm
(Co-oriented by Joel Lehman)

In 2013
—Video Jogos Evolutivos
(In co-orientation with Luís Moniz)
Co-oriented by Francisco Martins) 
—Avatares na Língua Gestual Portuguesa
(in co-orientation with Ana Paula Cláudio)
AntsPicBreeder: Arte Evolutiva Produzida por Formigas Artificiais

In 2012
—Drama Management in Interactive Fiction
(In co-orientation with Luís Moniz)
—Interpretação da Língua Gestual Portuguesa
—www.OQueHá?: Looking for events over the web, happening here and now, using Natural Language.
(Co-oriented by João Balsa) 
  • Jorge Gomes
Evolution of self-organising behaviours with Novelty Search
(co-oriented by Anders Lyhne Christensen)
  • João Lobo
(co-oriented by Francisco Martins)
  • Fernando Silva
Online and Distributed Evolutionary Robotics
(co-oriented by Anders Lyhne Christensen)
—Detection of Outliers and Outliers Clustering on
Large Datasets with Distributed Computing
(co-oriented by Chunming Rong)

In 2011
This Radio Bot: An artificial Radio
 (in co-orientation with Francisco Martins)

—Percussion Graphs : An Automated Approach for
Percussion Composition

—DEVELOP-FPS: a tool for developing rule based behaviors for virtual characters
(in co-orientation with Luís Moniz)

—Experiments in Evolutionary Collective Robotics
(co-oriented by Anders Lyhne Christensen)

—Robotic CanCan: Lego Robots dancing the CanCan in real time
(in co-orientation with Carlos Teixeira)

—Adaptation and Learning of Intelligent Agents in Interactive Environments
(in co-orientation with Pedro Amado from VectrLab)

In 2009

—Modelling the Traffic System