Paulo Urbano
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Montenegro, N., Gomes, J.C., Urbano, P., Duarte, J.P.  (2011). An OWL 2.0 Land Use Ontology: LBCS. in Proceedings of ICCSA: 185-198.

Urbano, Balsa, J., Ferreira, P., Baptista, J. The Importance of Ties in the Efficiency of Convention Emergence. In Proceedings of ICAART 2011: 321-329.

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Montenegro, N., Gomes, J.C., Urbano, P., Duarte, J.P. (2011). 4CitySemantics: GIS-Semantic Tool for Urban Intervention Areas. In Proceedings of 7th Virtual Cities and Territories.

Ascenção, F., Urbano, P., Cardoso, P., Santos-Reis, Clevenger, A. Why do we need crossing structures? An Agent based modelling approach. In The 2011 International Conference on Ecology & Transportation.