Paulo Urbano
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Urbano, P., Moniz, L., Coelho, H. (2002). The Queen Robots: Behaviour-based robots solving the n-queens puzzle. In Proceedings of the XVI Brazilian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, SBIA-02. Advances in Artificial Intelligence.

Urbano, P., Moniz, L., Coelho, H. (2002). AGLIPS: An educational environment to construct behaviour based robots. Proceedings of the VII IberoAmerican Conference on AI (IBERAMIA-2002), Workshop on Distributed Artificial Intelligence and Multiagent Systems, Sevilha, November 12-15, 2002.

Moniz, L. Urbano, P., Coelho, H. (2002). A Broker base architecture to control robots in a simulated environment. Proceedings of the RASTA 2002 (Workshop on Regulated Agent-Based Social Systems: Theories and Applications), First International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS2002)