Selected Tutorials
Paulo Veríssimo

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• Tutorial Beyond the glamour of Byzantine Fault Tolerance, 5th Winter School on Hot Topics in Distributed Computing (HTDC), INRIA, La Plagne, France, March 2012.

• Tutorial Challenges of Architecting Resilient Critical Information Infrastructures, School on Network and Information Security, ENISA/FORTH Heraklion, Crete, Greece, September 2008.

• Tutorial Future Control System Cyber Architectures, Cyber Security for Process Control Systems Summer School, Information Trust Institute and U. of Illinois, Washington State University, Dartmouth, and Cornell. Lake Geneva, USA, June 2008.

• PhD Course Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems, Bertinoro international Spring School, for PhD students. Bertinoro, Italy, March 2008.

• Tutorial Architectural, paradigmatic and algorithmic issues in Resilience, ReSIST Summer School on Resilience in Computing Systems and Information Infrastructures, from Concepts to Practice, Porquerolles-France, September 2007.

• Tutorial Intrusion Tolerance: the road to Automatic Security, SBRC, Brasilian Computer Networks Symposium, Belém-Brasil, May 2007.

• Tutorial Architectures tolérant les intrusions: concepts et conception, École de Printemps en Cryptographie et sécurité informatique, Sorèze-France, April 2006.

• Tutorial Embedded Systems Security, RTAS 2006, 12th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium, S. Jose-USA, April 2006.

• Tutorial Introduction to Real-Time Computing: a brief tutorial, 31st Spring School in Theorical Computer Science, Distributed Algorithms, Porquerolles, France, May 2003.

• Tutorial Intrusion Tolerance: Concepts and Design Principles, SBRC, Brasilian Computer Networks Symposium, Natal-Brasil, May 2003;  IEEE/IFIP DSN 2002, Washington-DC-USA, July 2002.

• Tutorial Information Security, SBRC, Brasilian Computer Networks Symposium, S. Salvador da Bahía, Brasil, May 1999.

• Tutorial Segurança em Sistemas Distribuídos, WOSID, International Workshop on Distributed Systems, Curitiba, Brasil, June 1998.

• Tutorial Distributed and Dependable Real-Time Systems, SBRC, Brasilian Computer Networks Symposium, S. Carlos, Brasil, May 1997.

• Tutorial Sistemas Tempo-Real, no WOSID, Workshop Internacional em Sistemas Distribuídos, Salvador da Bahía, Brasil, May 1996.

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