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Paulo Veríssimo

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Architectural resilience in cloud computing. SecureCloud 2012. May 2012. Frankfurt, Germany.

Can security- and privacy-critical applications be housed in the clouds? TClouds says yes! Schloss Dagsthul Seminar on Security and Privacy in Smart Energy Grids. December 2011. Schloss Dagsthul- Germany.

The added value of Joint PhD programmes with third countries and a compulsory mobility component: University of Lisbon experience with the Dual PhD programmes in the CarnegieMellon|Portugal partnership. “Enhancing Quality Through Internationalisation” Seminar. University of Lisbon, October 2011. Lisboa, Portugal.

Security and Dependability Risks of Critical Information Infrastructures (or why Bang! is different from Crash). Keynote Speech. Safecomp 2011. September 2011. Naples, Italy.

Resisting Intrusions means more than Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Keynote Speech, 11th IFIP Int’l Conf. on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems,  DAIS@DisCoTec, 6th International Federated Conferences on Distributed Computing Techniques. June 2011. Reykjavik, Iceland.

“Secure Cloud Computing”: como fazer o novo sonho da computação distribuída não terminar em pesadelo. Keynote speech 15º Aniversário do LaSID 2010, U. Federal da bahia UFBA, Maio 2010. Salvador, Brasil.

The Dynamics of f: Distributed Systems Models Revisited. Keynote Speech, Workshop on Theoretical Aspects of Dynamic Distributed Systems (TADDS) @ DISC 2010. September 2010. Boston, USA.

Intrusion Tolerance Going Mainstream : Which Applications Stand to Benefit? Keynote Speech, Spanish Meeting on Cryptology and Computer Security (RECSI 2010). September 2010. Tarragona, Spain.

Proactive Resilience Revisited: Resisting Intrusions means more than Byzantine Fault Tolerance. Invited seminar. Microsoft Research Mountain View. June 2010. Mountain View, USA.

Strategic Cyber Defense for Critical Infrastructures: the Achilles heel of modern societies? Keynote Speech. 8th European Conference on Information Warfare and Security, ECIW 2009, July, Lisbon, Portugal.

Some Notes on Research Challenges for Objective 1.4 Trustworthy ICT Challenge 1 Future Internet. Keynote Speech. EC Trust and Security Unit Information Day. June 2009. Brussels, Belgium.

Power Grid Security: past, present and future. Invited Speech at : Intelligent Power Delivery, A Logica and EDP Forum for InovGrid, EDP Auditorium, 31st March 2008, Lisbon – Portugal.

Information Assurance Technology Forecast 2008. S. Bellovin, B. Blakely, D. Denning, W. Diffie, J. Epstein, P. Verissimo. IEEE Security & Privacy, January/February 2008.

Computers, meet the real world! or Challenges of Architecting Dependable and Secure CII. Keynote speech, 13th IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium
on Dependable Computing (PRDC'07). Melbourne-Australia, December 2007.

The tangled webs of Critical Information Infrastructures. Keynote speech,   CRITIS'07, 2nd International Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructures Security. Benalmadena-Spain, October 2007.

Resilience Challenges in Service-Oriented Architectures. Keynote speech, 2nd ESFORS Workshop on Trust, Security and Dependability in Service Oriented Infrastructures. Maribor-Slovenia, July 2007.

CRUTIAL: The Blueprint of a Reference Critical Information Infrastructure Architecture. 51st Meeting Workshop of the IFIP 10.4 Working Group on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance. Gosier- France, January 2007.

Oh, the tangled webs we weave… From digital systems to complex systems-of-embedded-systems. Keynote speech. 18th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS 06), Dresden, Germany, July 2006. Shorter version in "Progresses in fault-tolerant real-time computing" panel, SRDS 2004, Florianópolis, Brasil, October 2004.

Thou Shalt Not Trust non-Trustworthy Systems. Keynote speech. Workshop on Assurance in Distributed Systems and Networks @ ICDCS 2006, Lisboa, Portugal, July 2006.

Travelling through Wormholes: A new look at Distributed Systems Models. Resist WG-Algos/Arch Workshop, Lisboa, Portugal, July 2006.

Security challenges in systems-of-embedded-systems. Joint US-EU-Tekes Workshop on Long Term Challenges in High Confidence Composable Embedded Systems, Cyber Security for embedded control systems, Helsinki, June 2006.

FLP is back! or A forgotten dimension of time in distributed systems problems. Invited talk, Microsoft Research, Mountain View, USA, April 2006.

CRUTIAL, Critical UTility InfrastructurAL Resilience. Workshop on Security and Networking in Critical Real-Time and Embedded Systems @ 12th IEEE RTAS, San Jose, USA, April 2006.

On Resilience of modern Critical Infrastructures. Joint US-EU Workshop on ICT-Enabled Critical Infrastructures and Interdependencies: Control, Safety, Security and Dependability. Washington DC, USA, March 2006.

The Quest for Autonomy: Programming Dependably Adaptive R/T Applications in CORTEX. 49th Meeting of IFIP Working Group 10.4. Tucson, USA, February, 2006.

On Detours and Shortcuts to solve problems in critical applications. Originally given at Dagsthul Seminar on Atomicity, April 2004. Last given at Workshop on Critical Applications Design, Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, December 2005.

Embedded systems pave the road to the future Internet -, NSF Grand Challenges on Distributed Systems, September 2005. A contribution to the definition of related research initiatives by the NSF.

Mirror, Mirror embedded on the wall! What future lies ahead of us all? - . Keynote speech. Co-operating Objects Research Challenges: Network Embedded Systems based on Co-Operating Objects - June 2005. A contribution to the definition of this research initiative by the European Commission. Also Keynote Speech, Int’l Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems (@SRDS 2004), October 2004, Florianópolis, Brasil.

Dependability, Security, two faces of a same coin? . Invited talk, Workshop on Principles of Dependable Systems @ DSN 2003, San Francisco, USA, June 2003.

Uncertainty and Predictability: can they be reconciled? A Vision and a Concrete Model. European Research Workshop on Middleware and Architectures for Complex and Embedded Cooperative Systems, @ ISADS 2003, Pisa, Italy, April 2003. Also IFIP WG10.4 Works. on Middleware for Adaptivity and Dependability, Sal, Cabo Verde, January, 2003.

Fundamental questions in the ET vs. TT debate? Please look elsewhere. Next-TTA Workshop on ET-TT Integration, Grenoble, France, October 2002.

Global Computing - A Vision - , Global Computing: Co-operation of Autonomous and Mobile Entities in Dynamic Environments - September 2000. A contribution to the definition of this research initiative by the European Commission.

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