Zen L'initiť  

Copyright (c) 1997 Jean Rousset, E. Deluard 
(and indirectly also by
Claude Soucie)

The game is played on this 11x11 square board.

This game, according to the authors, was made without the knowledge of Lines of Action. The rules of movement and goal are the same, but the initial setup and a special piece (the Zen) are different.

MOVE - Players alternate moves. The distance that a stone can move along a row, column, or diagonal is equal to the number of pieces on that row, column, or diagonal. A stone may jump over friendly pieces, but not the opponent's pieces.
CAPTURE - A player may land on and capture the opponent's stones, which are then removed from the game. He may not land on his own stones.
THE ZEN - Both players can also choose to move on his turn, the Zen, which moves/captures like the other stones, but cannot be captured.
GOAL - Get all your pieces into a single connected group. A group of pieces is connected if they occupy an unbroken chain of adjacent spaces, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
A player with just one stone also wins.