Copyright (c) 2003 North Berkshire Game Group

This game is played on a 6x6 square board (with cell coloring):

TURNS - On each turn, each player moves a stone of either color.
A stone slides - in a straight orthogonal line - over a number of empty cells equal to the number of (orthogonally or diagonally) adjacent stones of its color.
After moving, the player drops a stone of the opposite color in the cell where the moving stone started.
When a player does not have a valid move, the game ends.
GOAL - Wins the player with more points (if equal, the second player wins).
First player scores one point for each stone at a cell with the same color.
Second player scores one point for each stone at a cell with a different color.

Notice that isolated stones cannot move. 

Before the game starts, second player has a score advantage of 0-4.

An example

On his first move, First slides d5 to c5 (the stone only has one adjacent stone of the same color, so it may slide just one cell).

The actual score is 2-3 for Second.

This game entered at the 2004 Shared Pieces Game Design Competition and was considered among the best entries.