This game is played on an empty 5x6 square board, where each player has 12 stones off board.

1st PHASE (DROP) - On each turn, each player drops a stone from the reserve to any empty space on the board which is not adjacent (orthogonal) to a friendly stone. If a player cannot drop more stones, he must pass. This continues until all stones are placed on the board, or no more stones can be dropped.
2nd PHASE (MOVE) - On each turn, each player moves a stone to an empty adjacent (orthogonal) cell. If he is able to make 3 in a rows (not more or less) he may capture one enemy stone. (I'm not sure if diagonal 3 in-a-row is allowed).
GOAL - Wins the player who capture all of his opponents stones.
An example

White should not move c4 to c5, since it will create a 5 in-a-row which does not capture any stone. However, White may move b5-c5, making a 3 in-a-row and remove the black stone at e3 removing a black attack (the move e3-f3).

This game is probably a relative of Yote.