Copyright (c) 2002 Markus Salo

This game is played on the following 5x5 square board:

TURNS - On each turn, each player must do one of the following things:
Capture a stone on a (orthogonal or diagonal) forward direction by jumping over it and landing on the immediate empty cell. Captures are multiple and mandatory.
Drop a captured friendly stone on any empty cell.
Move a stone on a (orthogonal or diagonal) forward direction to an empty cell.
GOAL - Wins the player that moves his army to the opponent's setup.
An example

Black just dropped the marked black stone. This was a move that cost him the game! White must capture b2:b4 and Black must capture the two remaining white stones, a5:c3:c1. Now White can drop all of his 7 stones into the initial places much faster that Black can move his own army. 

There is a ZRF to play Vanakriget with Zillions. This game is a variant of Five Field Kono. Another variant of this game is Krokek by the same author.