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The game is played on the following board with this setup:

ATTACKERS - The Red stones can only move to the forward empty cell (no diagonals).
DEFENDERS - The Black stones can slide any number of empty cells on any direction (orthogonal or diagonal).
They cannot move into the first or the last row.
STRIKER - The Yellow stone can move to any adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell.
The Striker is also able to capture Attackers by moving to their cells - this is the only piece that can capture.
It cannot move into the first or the last row.
ARMIES - One player plays with the 11 Attackers, the other player plays with the 4 Defenders plus the Striker. 
The Attacker wins if he moves one red stone to the last row. 
The Defender wins if he is able to capture or block all Attackers.

An example

Red's turn. He moves the c4 attacker to cell [1]. The only possible reply is e6-d6. Then e4-e5. Now the Defender has a dilemma, he cannot capture one of the attackers or he will loose the game. He must slide f5-e6, which Red replies with g3-g4. Since the dilemma continues, the Defender slides h2-h7 to prevent the g column race. The Attacker lost the game!

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