Copyright (c) 2001 Chris Huntoon

The game is played on a 8x8 board, with the following setup:

SOLDIER - It moves like a Chess Knight, except:
It cannot jump over other pieces, i.e., if there is some other piece adjacent on a row or column, the soldier cannot move in that direction.
It can only move forward, i.e., moves one cell on the same row then advance one cell diagonally, or advances one cell then moves one cell diagonally forward.
If the soldier lands on a cell with an opponent piece, it captures it. Capture is mandatory and it must capture for as long as possible (however, at a given instant, the player can decide between two capturing moves).
A soldier reaching last row, is promoted to a King.
KING - A King moves like the soldier, but it can also move backwards.
GOAL - The first player to satisfy one of the following conditions, wins:
One of his Kings reaches his home row.
Capture all opponent pieces.
Stalemate the opponent.

An example

Black moves g8-h6. That way, he forces Red to capture f8:h6 and then can move freely Kb4-c6 and win on the next move.

There is a file to play Tourney with Zillions.