Copyright (c) 2005 L. Lynn Smith

This game is played on the following board composed of hexagon and triangle cells:

There are, off board, one stone for each player (one color each) and also 72 neutral stones (of a third color) called pins.

  • TURNS - On each turn, each player must move their stone and then place a pin.
    • The stone slides through directly adjacent empty hexagon cells. Except for the first turn when it is merely placed on a vacant hexagon cell of the field.
    • Hexagon cells are considered joined by their touching corners.
    • The stone is not permitted to slide between two adjacent triangle cells which are occupied.
    • The pin is placed on any empty triangle cell.
  • GOAL - The game is lost by the player unable to move their stone.
An example

Black's turn.

He may move west and then place a pin at the triangle cell just right to the white stone.

That way, he surrounds the enemy stone leaving just three cells where White can move, which determines Black's victory in a couple of turns.

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