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The game is played on a 8x8 triangular hexboard. The setup (there are 42 gray, 8 blue and 1 red ball ) can be defined by the players. Here is an example.

TURN - On each turn, each player can: 
Remove any number of gray balls on a single horizontal line as long as they are next to each other.
Taking a blue stone. Then the player has the opportunity to take 3 entire rows running in 3 directions or part of a row, as long as the stones are next to each other and flow out from the blue ball.
If the player uses a ball which happens to remove another blue in it's path, it does not give him additional rows to remove.
Taking the red stone
The red can only be taken on its own. Any row containing the red can only be taken up to the red.
GOAL - Looses the player that removes the last ball.

An example

The first player removed the blue stone at e8. Here is the board after all required removals.

Notice that if the all blue and red stones are removed from board, the set of gray stones define a kind of 2D NIM game (check Chomp or Nimbi).