Copyright (c) 1991 Stephen Linhart

The game starts at an empty 5x5 hexagonal board (61 spaces).

MOVE - players choose colors and decide who goes first.
On each turn you can place a stone in any empty space, or slide a stone that you already have on the board. 
When you slide a stone, you move it to any neighboring space that's empty. If both players slide three turns in a row (three slides for each player makes six total), the game is a draw.
You can't pass your turn.
GOAL - Surround any ONE of your opponent's stones. 
You surround a stone by filling in the spaces around it - a stone can be surrounded by any combination of your stones, your opponent's stones and the edge of the board. 
But be careful; if one of your stones is surrounded on your own turn (even if you surround one of your opponent's stones at the same time), you loose the game!

An example

Black's turn. To protect White's move at [1], black must play at [2], so that white cannot finish his attack. If, after that, White slides the b4 stone to [1], both players cannot do anything to win the position.

Remember that your stones can be surrounded by your own stones, as well as your opponent's stones and the edge of the board. Having more stones on the board is not always better. To read more about Susan, check the Susan page.